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Using a TX-44 as a mini big board

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This started as a kayak idea and I’m gonna see if it proves out on my more ‘dedicated’ trolling vessels. Last fall I deployed a TX-44 with a spool of 50lb Dacron with a 300’ copper clipped in the rear release ( upgraded a little) and let it out . I was not successful in getting a strike but the idea proved quite doable and I think I’ll repeat my efforts on one of the fishing vessels at my disposal. Anybody else try this ?


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As long as your line releases on a hit it should work but if the board drags back and it doesn't release you would probably have a mess.

You would also have to retrieve the board on the dacron after every release to reset.


It would eliminate having to fight a fish with a board on your line but I'm not sure what advantage this would have compared to a mast and otter board setup on a boat? 

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