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3.7 liter Mercruiser Starter Problems

Jolly II

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Uncovered the boat yesterday, installed all my electronics, and new Subtroll, and time came to hook up the flush kit and fire up the engine. That's where everything came to a screeching hault.

I've got a good battery, 1 year old, putting out 12.8 volts. I had just pulled it off a trickle charge. Turn the key and not even a click from the starter solenoid. It's and old enough engine that the solenoid is seperate from the starter motor itself. I haven't done any trouble shooting as of yet, but I think that it may be the starter solenoid itself, or perhaps the neutral safety switch. My throttle contol is a little goofy that's why I think that.

Just looking for some thoughts from some of you guys that have more Mercruiser experience than I.

Also... any good methods to take spray paint off the fiberglass hull. That might be a good project for a blow-off day.

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I have a pair of these in my boat... dealt with similar issues for the past two years... very random sporadic stuff... sometimes jiggling the throttle would work, sometimes tapping the starter, cleaned all of the wires and terminals (check the ground wire esp)... in the end had success with all of this stuff, but it would not last, finally just replaced one starter that was the most fickle last spring, just trying to replace the solenoid would have ended up be equally as painful as changing out the whole starter... no issues all year... knock on wood...

Check out Breezeworks.net... a site wholly dedicated to the 3.7l mercruiser, there is an open forum with some very knowledgable people that monitor it constantly. I've gleaned alot of information from it over the past few years.

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Thanks guys!

Upgrady, Deffinately the same exact problem you have. Very sporatic problem, fish three days in row and it might be problem matic on the first day or the third day, problem shows up if the boat sits for a week, or the engine is shut down for 6 hours while trolling with the kicker. No rhyme or reason. Same deal, jiggle the throttle and it would all of sudden fire, tap on the solenoid and it would fire. I looked at the contacts and they look pretty clean, although it was snowing when I was doing this and didn't get into it too far. I'll deffinately know for sure on Saturday, instead of fishing, my Dad and I are going to get the volt meter out and make sure that the starter and solenoid is the problem.

Thanks for the input, nice to know there are a couple other guys out there with the same motor.


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agian thanks guys.

I don't think it should be that hard to trouble shoot. I was looking at the wiring diagrams yesterday, seems pretty simple.

Gotta like working on these older engines, no fuel injection or computers to deal with.

I'm going to check those web sites today too and do some more research, it never hurts to do research.

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