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South end or Meyers?

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 The  "brown water" is everywhere at the south end, but is streaky as always.. It has eddies of darker, and much more clear water thats actually pretty well defined.. In other words, you can see it, and usually troll along the  breaklines, which is what I would do.. Of more concern than the water clarity to me would be the massive amounts of floating, and almost submerged logs, pilings, construction debris, bushes, etc... Even if you don't get huge  15 foot long pieces full of spikes, that will rip your lower unit off, you will get millions upon millions of  small pieces that make it completely impossible to troll... Not sure how the hard rain of a few days ago messed things up, but when I passed the lake a couple days back it was an unfishable mess... Might have started to clear by now, not sure, but I would  be very cautious if you go.... bob

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