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Fished just west of Wilson from 6:30- 10:30 . Worked 75-200 and struggled

Took one coho 85 down over 160 on a FF.

Plenty of bait around. Lots of fish sitting on bottom. I just couldn’t get any kind of program going. Hope others did better than I.



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Certainly was a grind. Fished between Wilson and Olcott. Roasted Friday for 10 hrs. with 12 bites. Boated 5 coho, 2 kings, and lost two kings at back of the boat. Mostly spoon bite, from 30 ft to 85 ft down over 170 to 220 fow but biggest ho (about 9 lbs.) came on a two face spinny with green fly on a 300 copper. Absolutely no pattern at all. fish were scattered. No marks. Fish had almost empty stomachs.

Saturday. Being cloudy, would have thought it would pick up. 4 bites from 6 am till 2 pm when it got a little rough. 3 hos and 1 king on a carbon 14, which we we broke off in a rigger cable. Spoons, with one on a pink maglip on a 3 color core. We tried to cover all water columns. Ran meat 80 to 110 down and it never took a shot. Very few marks, decent bait balls 70 to 90 fow.62204.jpeg

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