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5/29 fishing report cayuga

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Launched from longpoint at 530, headed to same spot as yesterday and threw the boards in the water. Within 15 minutes we put a 4.5 pound salmon in the boat. Came off a 4 color lead. Another release about 20 minutes after that and a 3 pound rainbow was in the boat. Hit a few lakers in this time as well. Found the bait balls again and started my back and forth. Hit a few more silvers that were either too small or threw the hook boat side. Most came off of a downrigger down 15 feet. Coming to the conclusion when it’s rough the fish don’t like the spoons on the boards as when we hit the rough water we stop getting board bites. Over the next hour and a half we picked a few more keeper rainbows off. Ended the morning with 1 salmon, 4 rainbows, 6 lakers and 4 small silvers that’s we either released or they threw the hook.



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Landlock love trashing water, wind gray sky. I run a line right down the prop wash.  30 feet back. I run smaller spoons or sticks on riggers 5 to 25 feet. 

They are not shy of striking in the wash.

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