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Any Oswego info

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Plenty of fish being caught - don't wait on a good report to go fishing - by the time you get there things will have changed.  If you want higher densities of fish to target consider spending an extra hour and a half driving and hit the western end.

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Don't know of much available - with the removal of the International Marina - most of those boats have been moved to Wrights and there is (last I heard) a wait list to get into Wrights.  There are some transient spaces available on the wall behind the restaurants on the east side of the river - that's probably your only shot at securing a place to leave a boat in the water.  Another option is you could lock through the first lock and you can leave your boat on the wall there - probably wouldn't leave your boat unattended there but all the canal goers tend to park there for the night as they move through. 

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