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Hemlock Unreal mess at the launch

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There must have been over seventy cars parked along side the road at the north launch, with the parking lot completely full. Trying to leave at 10:30 am was a joke. Two trucks couldn't pass by each other without one of them pulling off in some way. And with a ditch opposite the parked cars/trailers, there was nowhere to pull over on that side. One lady headed toward the ramp slammed on her truck's brakes once she realized I wasn't giving way - I had nowhere to go!! I was at a complete stop, with my two right tires hanging over the edge. I don't know how we managed to get out of there without damage to the vehicle. I've never seen anything like it in twenty years of fishing that lake. And there was a steady stream of cars and trucks headed in while I was leaving!! So much for Hemlock being a peaceful getaway and place to avoid the madness at most FL ramps. There's talk about COVID increasing the number of folks outdoors. Blessing and curse, I guess.

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