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Hello everyone, was wondering if anybody has any advice on fishing the french river? I am heading up sometime in June, and would like to get into some pike, walleye, and possibly a muskie or 2 (if there in season when I go). Is any 1 part of the river better than the other?(upper, middle, lower) Any certain bays or areas I should try? Any suggestions on a good housekeeping lodge to stay at? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, pizzaboy

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Where are you going on the French River? We usually stay at the French River lodge. The prices are decent and they are great hosts. We always had great luck with walleye behind Ox island. The back side of it has a couple shelves and a drop to 115 FOW. The walleyes hung on the ledge in 22' and 35'. Another good spot is the trussel (huge railroad bridge over the river). For muskies, Crombie bay is the spot. The musky fishing is spotty in June, July and August. September and October are the times for muskies up there. Pike are all over in little back bays and side channels. The smallmouth fishing has gotten better and better everytime we went up there. My father will be up there the same time as you. Here is there website http://www.frenchriverlodge.com/

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Gambler, thanks for the response. I am not sure exactly what area I will be heading to, hoping to get feedback from anyone who has been there. I will look into the French River Lodge you recommended. Did you run downriggers, bottom bouncers, or were you casting/jigging? Thanks again, Bill

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I did a lot of trolling w/ downriggers and boards. Jointed rapalas were hot off the riggers along the drop with reef runner (deep divers) on boards. Along Ox island just before dark every night, the walleye would chase baitfish up to the surface and the fishing was awesome. The jigging was really good too. The biggest walleye last time up was just over 7 lbs. That was caught off the riggers 25 down over 35 FOW on an orange and gold j-9 rapala. Worm harnesses did very little for us. Lots of nice perch and small walleye.

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I can give you all kinds of information on fishing from French River Lodge....

I first went there in 1980 with my dad and his bunch, and have been back a lot

since..including every memorial day weekend since 1995.. At the time of year

we are there, generally, the black flies aren't too bad, but you do get some colder

days. Also, depending on the year, there may not yet be a lot of weed growth.

We go mostly to catch northerns, and to hang out. My group of 6 is coming from 4

different states this year...so its a great chance to have a few libations and catch up.

We go for the northerns for the fight, and also since we get plenty of 'eyes all summer

here on Erie.

They institued a slot a few years back on walleye, bass and pike, and it seems when

we do get the nice walleye...its in the slot. Lots of under 22" pike, but you do get

a few nice ones (we had 2 over 30" last year) and it seems like we do get a muskie

here and there. My brother got an 18lb in 2007. Last year in 3.5 days, we boated

274 pike, and released all but about a dozen....and we were far from sun-up to sun down fishing..... 95% casting...spoons....10lb-12lb test.

A couple of our guys have even tried flies...

Crombie Bay is good, as mentioned, but really any little bay seems to yield at least

a few fish....

For muskie information, check out the website for bears den lodge.....

I can tell you the French River is my favorite place to go...cabins aren't fancy, but do the job nice. Joe and Anne have scaled back somewhat...one cabin came down last

year due to govt. hassle...and another is coming down this year.... Nice rental boats...but they only have a limited amount as well of those....


If you call....tell Anne I gave you some info....

Feel free to fire away with other questions....


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