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Sold / Closed boat:1989 Sylvan 26 Fisherman-SOLD


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1989 Sylvan 26 Fishermen on a Continental trailer. Second owner and boat recently repowered with a new GM long block. Motor currently has 288 hours on it. Set up for kicker motor. Comes with separate HDS graph and GPS. Extras include auto pilot and 2 Cannon digitrolls. Good condition $8,500 or best offer. boat located in Corry, PA near Erie , PA. 
Call Paul @ 814-881-0015.










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we've been looking at your boat but we've also been looking at a few others. were looking at a 270 sea ray and a couple of thompson 24' hardtops. i totaled my 21' boat and got 4000 from the insurance company. my son and his wife said they would chip in on a larger boat so that leaves me for the rest. i'm not sure how much were going to come up with. i know i would do better to show up and make you an offer. but before driving my truck that far at 12 mpg i'd feel better if i knew we could buy it. you have it listed for 8500 or best offer. if we came up to look at the boat and offered you 7500 cash would we be wasting our time? i'm not insulting your boat or you, were just limited on money. we have to pay 7% sales tax that's an extra 5 or 6 hundred.  my son and his wife works 7 days a week recently but may be off this week end. would you be able to meet up sat for a deal if we can agree on price? how wide is your boat as we'll be trailering from muncie in to geneva oh?

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you said you replaced the long block with one from michigan motors. my whole engine in my 21' boat came from michigan motors. in 2010 i bought a new silver package and had them install it. the only problems i ever had was the water line on the outdrive busted and it overheated and blew both head gaskets. then another time on erie we heard the motor rattling and shut it off. the remote oil filter line vibrated loose and lost my oil.  but thats been a few yrs ago and she's still been running. so i'm a firm believer in the quality of there engines.

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7 hours ago, Saugeyetom said:

Skeet 1,   watch out for that brown guy...

hey tom sure been missing you guys. i had just put a new bimina top on my boat and just got back from erie. i backed the boat in the pole barn with the tip leaning back on the back frame. but it didnt fit and busted the windscreen on the drivers side plus pulled the top out of the boat and destroyed it. i had just a little insurance on it. but anyway my son and his wife said they would chip in on a bigger lake erie boat. so i started looking. tell all the guys on ogf i miss them.

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