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Did You Lose A Side Planer With Copper On Monday, 7/26?

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Not sure where to post this, but I hope this finds the owner. While fishing off Mexico Bay/Salmon River on Monday, my crew accidentally snagged somebody's copper line and side planer, which ended up in my downrigger cable. Not sure how it happened and I apologize if it was my fault, and I would like to see the owner at least get the side planer back. The boat was a small aluminum boat, probably 16', with a distinctive beach umbrella for a canopy. We recovered the spoon, the copper line and the right side side planer board. If this rig is yours, or you might know whose it is, I would like to see them get it back. Please contact Nick at 201-870-2311, or through Nickihoyboy at Lake Ontario United. I'm from NJ but will be in the Mexico/ Pulaski area through Saturday, 8/7. Hoping this can help.

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