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Fair Haven non report 8/1-8/6..

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Did my annual camping trip with family at the state park.

A gorgeous week of weather..

The fishing?  Not so much...

Fished Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday - probably 20 hours on the water - without a bite.  Disappointing is an understatement.  I guess we hit the dead zone that seems to occur at some point every year.

Saw plenty of boats out every day, but can't say I saw a net move.


Ran everything we could, fished as deep as 500 fow, mixed up baits, speeds, etc.  Did talk to one other boat that got skunked over two days, so perhaps not just us.  Cut bait seems near impossible to find at this point, but we did buy a couple soco hard baits at Screwy Louie's.

I'll be back for a week next year.


Hopefully they turn on soon.


Good luck to all.


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