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selecting a transom saver


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Transom savers come in two basic flavors. Ones that attach to the trailer frame and ones that slip over the back keel roller.


If you have a bunk trailer you generally want the slip over type.


If you have a roller trailer you generally need one that attaches to the last cross-member ( since no keel roller is present) but that can be complicated if there are trailer running lights in the way. Roller trailers are a real PITA.


The main thing is to make sure the transom saver can go from the roller to the lower unit without hitting the bottom of the transom. 


Most modern fiberglass boats with Coosa transoms are just fine and happy without a transom saver. You really need it more to keep the motor from bashing the trim rams on bumps.  BTW, when I fish saltwater it's the ruler rather than the exception to not see transom savers - even with 4 Verados hanging off the back! Saltwater eats transom savers alive.


Another alternative is to buy one of the fixtures that go on the motor on the trim rams to save them.


If you don't use a transom saver or have trim ram trailer brackets then tip your motor all the way up, flip down the trailer latch and then lower the motor onto it. The motor should be balanced at that point and put the least stress on the transom and trim. 


Aluminum boat transoms are - ephemeral. Not if, but when it's going to rot out. Were I to  buy a used aluminum boat my first off-season project would be to remove the wood and replace it with a poured transom and then never have to worry about it ever again. 


Yeah, some people will post "Oh yeah? Well my boat is 40 years old and the transom is perfect:", but trust me, it's not. Even though it looks great you get electrolysis between the aluminum transom and the motor bracket and bolts. This results in pinholes in the aluminum and the wood starts rotting where the motor is attached. 


I sold high-end aluminum boats for a long time to put myself through college and took a lot of "perfect" trades in with shot transoms!


If you have an aluminum boat get a bunk trailer and a transom saver. 




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On 10/4/2021 at 10:30 AM, bandrus1 said:

I have an 87 sea nymph fish and ski with a 2011 90 HP e-tec 


Could anybody suggest a transom saver to purchase? Do you need to know the trailer model?

I got a good one I don't use if you want it and still need one.

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