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Perch fisherman, duck hunters: Watch out for research buoys (Chaumont & Sodus Bay)


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Wanted to make anglers and duck hunters aware of research buoys in the bays (Chaumont, Sodus) and parts of Lake Ontario (southwest of Point Peninsula).  Buoys mark egg trap locations that are being used to determine how habitat (depth, bottom type) influences Lake Whitefish and Cisco egg deposition and egg survival. There are remarkably few actual observations for what habitats these species actually spawn on, and even less on whether changes to the lake bottom have contributed to their population declines. Traps will be pulled just before ice up (mid - December). 


If possible, please avoid fishing in the area immediately around those buoys, as there are lines and traps on the lake bottom that can be snagged. I've tried my best to pick locations away from known fall hotspots but don't hesitate to PM (or text) me if the buoys are causing you issues.  Also feel free to PM or email if you have questions or interest in this research.


Thank you,

Brian Weidel






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