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helix 7DI with GPS and all accessories 300.00 shipped like new condition. was only used a few times. going to a lowrance hds 8 with structure scan.


2 lowrance hds 5 units with accessories. have one trolling motor transducer and one through hull transducer. i also have a skimmer transducer without a mounting bracket. 300.00 for the pair or choice for 175.00 these are small bit give a lot of bang for their small size. cant tell you much about these units as they came on a boat we bought. he was using onf for gps and the other for fish. they do work. i an upgrading to an hds 10 insight with structure scan and a hds 8. i plan to use the 8 for gps and the 10 for fish. but i have been looking at hds 12 units to replace the 8.


the hds 5 is sold.


the other unit is a eagle fish elite unit which would make a beginner very happy or anyone on a budget or doesn't have a lot of room would be happy with this fish finder gps unit for only 60.00 shipped to you door.


the helix 7 DI GPS is a 1st generation unit that hasn't been used but very little. 275.00 shipped!

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it probably a 1 as it doesn't say anything on the front of the unit. but is in like new condition. it's a great unit but i just bought a hds 10 insight and a hds 8 with structure scan for our erie boat. we plan to use the 8 for gps on erie. so i plan to use the 8 with structure scan on my little boat also. and i don't need the helix any more. it's only been used less than a dozen times and wasn't used at all this year.

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the hds 5 lake insight has been SOLD


the other unit i have is the eagle fish elite 640c and is a great little unit. it would be ideal for a yak or someone getting into fishing on a budget. it would be hard to find any unit with gps and maping for under 150.00 but here it is, 60.00 to your door. comes with everything needed including a face shield.


then we have the helix 7 di gps. this is a 1st generation unit. but its like new and only been used a few times. if i price it much lower i might as well give it away. 275.00 and i pay shipping. i'll get about 250.00 after i pay shipping.

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i got the hds unit removed just waiting on a new transducer i ordered for it.


the eagle is going to be a little more complicated. i've got to remove the dash to get to the power cord and start getting the transducer out. which the transducer cord is going to be a b____. i dont know yet if its below deck or along the gunnel.


the helix is ready to go when someone wants it.

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