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Going to Olcott in may I’ve been going out for 8 years now with my father. Now I have my own boat I’m starting to get lures and what not. Just looking to see what some of you use as your go to. Stuff that seems to work every year. I’m trying to set everything up in a short time so I’m looking to see what brands and colors you guys prefer! Thanks in advance 

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NK28's,michigan stingers,dreamweavers,silver streak spoons in greens,orange,and yellow. every day is different with the color. standard and magnum spoons are usually the best. This is what works for me. 

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Some of our best patterns are Team Dreamweaver regular and mag sized spoons in the following colors:


FishUSA Custom Colors

Rod Father



Stock Dreamweaver Colors

Sea Sick Waddler

Dave's Salmon Slapper

Glow Frog


Super Glow Two Face


Don't forget to pick up a 6" Coho Flasher or two and some peanut flies from A-TOM-MIK. Best colors are rod/Orange flashers with Green/Blue flies.



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Color is important, but fish where you see fish. If the bottom machine is showing a blank screen - move.


Kings are eating machines and if you find them and they're hungry they'll usually eat. 


I'd start with blue green dolphins, NBKs and like stuff on sunny days, maybe move towards blacks and purples if it's over cast. 


The other thing is if you're new too it stay with on brand and size. Often it isn't actually the color, it's just that the spoon was working good at the speed you were trolling. 


I like spoons that run good between 2.5 an 3.0 in the spring. A

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