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Started at 9am today out of Stony Creek. The best water color and temp wise was right in front of creek. 44-46 degrees. Wasted time heading straight to mouth of Sandy Pond. Thick mud, debris everywhere, and temp was 41. Headed back to Stony and fished out front and landed six browns and a nice walleye by 1 and left. Bombers, bay rats and Michigan stingers. 



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I was out there today. Got lures in the water around 11a, headed south. Did a lap around Sunken Island, and headed north. 

Pulled rods and headed for the light house. Washed some lures between there and the high rocks in 18-40 fow. 

Never took a hit. 

Water was mid- high 40s, and crystal clear.


Gonna try in the harbor tomorrow for some pike/pickerel action as I don’t see the conditions brown fishing getting any better for me. 


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Trolled Henderson Harbor looking for pickerel.  Ended up with brown trout on scorpion stinger spoons on a mini disc line. Crazy. 

I picked up a trailer license plate from the boat launch parking lot. Lemm know if you think it’s yours. 

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