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Finally had some better luck on the newly renamed Rocinante today. I think we went 3 for 8 out of Braddocks today. Earlier the dipsies were firing off at 170 over 180-200. My brother lost a few, we couldn't figure out why until I looked down and noticed... a banana peel. That's right. Trevor B. McGuckin ****ed up AGAIN with the banana.

After I tossed the offending fruit overboard, I landed a nice 20# and he got a slightly smaller female.

Best action was 90' down over 220. Found a few bait balls and worked them.

Lost 3 colors on my 10 color setup to a bad turn (I'll take the fall on that one) that turned into a huge rats nest.

All in all it was a really nice day on the water, getting out there much earlier played a big role for us.



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Great job!  Had Tommy and his girlfriend out in the same water for a couple hours and got her her first king. 
Good news Brian, still haven’t caught a laker this year 😉



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