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I-Bay 7/11 AM - No flies, No fleas.

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Fished out of I-Bay this AM in the 90 to 200 fow area with a few other boats.  Temp was shallow at 45' to start and was near 60' at the end of the morning.  Fish came from depths of 50-60 over 120-140.  DW holographic orange fire and monkey puke caught 2 steelhead and 2 kings, a shaker and teen king, and a nice 8.5 lb steelie and a shaker.  The teen king came in from 250' out over the course of 10 minutes and spit the lure out on the Bimini when the net touched it.    No flies and practically no fleas this morning. The conditions were better than NOAA predicted yesterday giving a very nice morning. 


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Nice fish.  The southerly chop this morning moved a lot of cold water in and the fleas moved with it.  I saw the same thing west of the river.

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