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Anyone Try Multi Length Copper Line

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Owning a smaller boat, 17.5ft, and having to many rods and reels to store becomes a problem. I need to replace a 300-copper line that a king tore my friend off in the backing. so, I am starting over with this reel. Did anyone ever try spooling 50ft of copper after the backer and then add a 4 to 5ft piece of 50lb mono-line, followed by the remaining 250ft of copper.  This would allow a place to snap on a board at 250ft. It would have two extra splices, but it would be multi-functional as a 250 and 300 copper line. Anyone ever try this?

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I know guys who run a 5' section of mono between colors on leadcore line, so they can attach it to boards at different lengths. I agree with whats said above, that it sounds like a pain, introduces multiple failure points, and can easily be solved with adding some weight.

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I tried segmenting to put out different lengths- didn’t like the way the copper dragged in the water on the section between the boat and the board.  All the different knots was a pain too.  Quickly scrapped that idea.  Just go with a length and let it all out.

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