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Lakers on Owasco

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Took the day off on Monday and was targeting lakers on Owasco. Hit both the east and west side of the lake and got fish, but the west side seemed more productive for us that day. Went 7/8 with my buddy getting the biggest at 8.2 lbs. That was the biggest laker my boat has seen in my limited trolling experience, but got him on a trout alien cowbell and gambler rig. We were fishing 70-90 FOW with the riggers near the bottom as much as possible. Best speed for us was around 1.7mph at the ball. Marked lots of bait too, which was nice cause hadn't seen much the last few outings.

Overall, if you want lakers on owasco I'd recommend gambler rigs and with some hammerhead cowbells. Lots of good folks on here sharing information on what to use and how, which has helped my learning curve dramatically, so hope this helps too. Best of luck.20220815_113753.jpg

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