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Went out for a quick trip this morning. Figured Id see how we could do until my new fish hawk probe comes in so we went after Lakers. Just bottom bounced in 95-105 fow water and ended up 12 for 15. Biggest was just about 15lbs, all on cowbells/ spin n glows. Didn't realize how much I depended on ball speed and temperature. We went out around 6am and quit by 930am. Not a bad Saturday morning.


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Sounds like a fun morning.  I went out of Mexico earlier in the week just for a trial run more than anything just got my boat running good after working on it.  Went towards the plant and fished for three hours 3-6pm in water from 80 to 120 ft.  Never caught a fish but the main thing is it was a nice day and the boat ran great.  Marked a few fish at the 15 - 20 foot range? Also had a couple of small marks on the bottom. I know this is a poor time of day for laker fishing but I did expect to do something. Gonna try the other side of the bay in a week or so the salmon should be showing up over there pretty soon.

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