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boat value question.


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So here goes. I own a 1984 191 Starcraft  Islander. It has been with me since 2014 and during that time I did a lot of work on it, I replaced the transom, the floor, and the foam, adjusted both chairs so 155 quart coolers can fit underneath. I added tilt and trim and an outboard bracket ( An OMC gas piston aided one) . As for the engine, It is a 3 liter Mercruiser that was built in 2021 by Michigan motorz and it has 3 hours on it so it is still being broken in. The carburetor was serviced last year and it has a new starter and alternator. For a fishfinder it has a Furuno 628 with a B60 through the hull transducer and it has 2 cannon down riggers. The hull has been repainted top and bottom. In short, the rig is in tiptop shape. It has two bilge pumps because I am paranoid about leaks. (there never were any). As for storage, it has never been left in the water and always stored under heavy tarps.

The trailer axel was upgraded to a 3500 pounder. It has electric brakes and led lights.

Because of sickness in the family I have not been able to fish much and there is not much left to fix up on this boat. So I bought another one as a project to tide me through the winter and because  boat restoration is cheaper than therapy. It is a 1989 221 Starcraft Islander with a 4.3 liter cobra in it.

I will have to sell the 19 footer and wonder how much to sell it for.

Can any of you give me an honest idea what you would be willing to pay for this boat? Mind you, I have not put it up for sale and contemplate whether to wait until spring.

Please give me your idea so I can get an idea about a reasonable price.

I will add some pictures later.


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