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Yankee on Oneida Lake October 29th

Yankee Troller

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Paul and his brother, from the Albany area, joined us today on Oneida Lake. They have turned into regulars on our fall Oneida Lake schedule. These guys like to mix it up so we start out casting and then switch over to trolling. Today was no different.
On our morning drifts Jigging Raps, Shiver Minnows, and i1baits blades took our fish. We imitated Perch and Shad with our color selections. Glow Perch Shiver Minnow, Green Tiger UV and Glow Yellow Perch in the Jigging Raps. On the blade bait a silver blade with disco ball tape was our best. Our best depths to drift were 27-24'. We lost a lot of fish, and the fish that made it to the net were barely hooked.
When we got to trolling we utilized Offshore Guppy weights in front of various stickbaits trolled behind Offshore OR12 inline boards. Perch patterns and purple patterns were our best. We fished over 30-37' of water and put our baits in that 20-30' range. Our biggest Walleye of the day took a Bay Rat Short Deep in a custom purple color. 50' back, 1oz Offshore Guppy, 80' more before we clipped on the OR12 inline board.
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