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for sale : usa Bullet heads for tying flies (new colors added)

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New colors added to the list.
Neon Green
Blue-Green color shifting
Blue-Teal color shifting.
These bullet heads have a large enough hole to allow them to slide over a knot in 50# test line. This allows you to switch one fly from a short leader to a long leader. NO RETYING OF YOUR LEADERS WHICH REDUCES THE NUMBER OF LEADERS YOU NEED TO STORE!!
Below is a list of colors I offer. My camera doesn't pick up the real color of some of the glow heads.
Despite the price in the heading, they are $3.50/dozen (NY residents have to pay tax)
I've put a number on each of the pictures for easy ordering.
Buyer is responsible for shipping costs.
I accept PayPal and Venmo.
Feel free to ask me any questions.
#1 UV Green
#2 UV Yellow
#3 Clear
#4 Silky Blue
#5 Silky Gold
#6 Silky Silver
#7 White Glow Green
#8 White Glow Blue
#9 Black
#10 White
#11 White Glow Red
#13 Pink
#14 UV Blue
#15 UV Red (Pink under Blacklight)
#16 Blue Glow Blue
#17 Transparent Purple
#18 Dark Green
#19 Red
#20 Orange
#21 Chartreuse Glow Green
#22 Neon Orange
#23 Neon Red (Orange under blacklight)
#24 Red Glow Orange
#25 Pink Glow Pink
#27 Yellow Glow Yellow
#28 White Glow White
#29 White Glow Purple
#30 Shine Turquoise
#31 Green Apple Glow Green
#32 RepRap Green
#33 Transparent Blue Green
#34 Silky Copper

teal blue color shift.jpg

blue-green color shift.jpg

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