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no, I don't but if the inside of the barrel looks good and he got it right he may have got a great little 20ga. Marlin has been making great guns for many yrs. you might find out a lot more going to the website. and asking them about your gun. i believe the site is marlinfirearms.com. and i believe they have a collector section under resources.


if the barrel isn't full choke, it could be used for deer hunting with regular slugs. I wouldn't' try any sabot slugs in it. I had an old savage auto 16ga my brother found in a trash can with a bent barrel. he straightened it using a door and frame then sold it to me for 40.00. it did have a tendency to jam and hence the bent barrel and trash can I would guess but it wasn't anything I couldn't live with. it did have a full choke, but I still used it with slugs, and it shot great but kicked like a young bull. but I wouldn't recommend to anyone to use a full choke gun for slugs. I took a nice 10 point with it on my first ever gun hunt for deer. and took a few more deer over the next few yrs.

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