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for sale : usa Stinger, scorpion, pirate 44, alpena, mini streak lots

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Each lot is $20. If you want 3 or more I will pay for shipping. Pickup in Kendall is free or Shipping is extra. Salmon, trout, walleye and the elusive dolly varden await.B522D41A-7FB2-433F-924C-15FBC697D8F9.thumb.jpeg.f3986a1aa6d474abd10e5738e1fcc608.jpegused but in good shape considering they are older stingers. Gold/copper backs471E0A01-DAE0-4C7F-92E6-5FAC99F9BCFD.thumb.jpeg.e02573f521037890a2f6e478d8c622a0.jpegscorpions and 2 honey bees barely used or new237C067C-585D-49B8-98A0-1BA4C7889E6F.thumb.jpeg.094de22ac23d9f7a6fc57551b1653011.jpeg4 diamonds and a sculpin. Used9B3C82B6-6AED-4CB2-B0B9-FA59138BCDEE.thumb.jpeg.8523775b394603a91431a22ea978becd.jpeg5 mini streaks and a tamiron #29C16E088-E1AE-4B5A-9A18-47FE9A23B838.thumb.jpeg.a2db370b56a2edda3e80ae34199b27ce.jpegpirate44’s.4 fish print w/2 crystallina, the 2 black ones on the end I think are called dimple lights. Good condition and barely used  except the DL’s have started to tarnish 






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I would charge what it costs depending on how many lots and where it is going. Generally around $5 for one lot and not much or any for more. Pm me what you want and where and I can give you an exact amount. Like I said in my post, 3 or more lots it is on me.

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