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  1. Gotta bite - WE put two 30lb Salmon in the boat last year (One JUly 4th weekend and one Labor day weekend). The one JUly fourth weekend took a pink glow squid. I finally found some more of these in the last few weeks and I plan on running them in the next few weeks. Another thing you can do with squids is put them through your j-plug instead of the hook harness.
  2. J.D. is correct, but sometimes the fish can get leadcore shy and the longer leader is the key!
  3. I use 100' but you will get a hundred different answers to this one. Some guys swear by 25'. If you do 100' by the end of the season it wil lbe down quite a bit. There is no wrong asnwer to this as long as your above 25' IMHO
  4. I have 6 white with double crushed glow and 6 Green with double crushed glow. $7/per flasher. These are the directional flashers.
  5. I would be interested in two 9'6" heartland dipsey rods if hyou have them.
  6. Yeah, its a soft platic bait made by reaction inovations. Great bait to flip!
  7. Go with the Depth Raider or the Moor and you wont be disappointed! I dont know too may guys around that will reccomend the Fish Hawk anymore.
  8. No Promises - are you really serious? I have been running that thing for 2 years now.
  9. No, I did 50-60 there in the AM and 40-50 onthe way back.
  10. Fished a little tourney and figured my best bet for a win would be to run to Irondequoit since I had been pulling some solid fish from there lately. NOAA said 1' or less which is fine with me. Well, the trip there was 1-2's and the trip back was 1-3's with a 4 in the mix. Rough ride back,and the fish didnt cooperate with me in Irondequoit. The water level looked to have dropped about 6-8". Back in Sodus we didnt some fish off docks, but nothing out of the weeds. We weighed in eleven and a half pounds which was in the middle of the pack. A lot of 10-13lb bags and not many big bags like usual.
  11. Fished from 6-10:30 with limited success. Had some nice blow ups on buzzbaits in the morning, but no hookups. Then I hit a 3lb and a 2.5lb LM on a senko. Later towards the end I hit a 2lb LM on a sweet beaver. Still very slow, but if you put your time in there could be some nice fish taken.
  12. nope it was nasty coming back! 1-3's with a 4 thrown in. my back is paying for it today.
  13. Did you see me run by you sinday morning? I was headed to Irondequoit from Sodus?
  14. Hey, any of you guys fishing off Irodequoit tomarrow morning. I might be headed there from Sodus in the blue bomber! I have a little tourney out of Sodus tomarrow and if the weather is permitting I am going to run to either Irondequoit or Braddocks. Should be fun! 34 mile run at 65MPH FUN!
  15. You can never look at it as wasting gas! You should learn something from every trip out whether u kill em or go blank.
  16. Mark, we would all appreciate you wearing your shirt in pictures from now on! I heard they have been somking them out front, but Im moving the boat to FH for a month. C-ya all in Sept for some combat trolling.
  17. Dont go under 50lb. A lot of guys are using floro but that gets expensive. You can get Trilene Big Game in clear from BPS and do a ton of flies. I have had the same spool for 2 years and I bet I have 5 more years of tying flies with the amount of line on that spool, and I rig 50 flies a year probably.
  18. Billy V and I used them, and so did Jax. He has been stricken by some bad business decisions due to not getting his partners visa so she could come work in the USA. Other than that you will learn a lot and he makes the class fun!
  19. I think you will see the full time tournament teams there, but it might affect the part timers which is respectable. The 4th is generally a family holiday. With that being said it doesnt matter the me, becasue Im gonna be there reguardless!
  20. There isnt any between the reels right now. I am ordering the vector quad rod holders which will let me separate them a little better, but with my current set-up there usnt much separation.
  21. I agree with what both of these two just said! I have realy moved towards this set up this year since the wires outproduce the downriggers. Im not sure what it is with them this year. The only bites im getting on them are stratched way back. Oh well, for the Orleans win I ran 4 wires and in Oswego I did the same. Both times with 3 riggers and a 600 copper. In oswego it was 2 copper/4 wires/ and 2 riggers. If you have the crew for it I would reccomend it! Only thing to change when fishing tight this fall would be a 1.5 setting and a 3.5 setting. Maybe a 3 on the wire and a 6 on the slide diver. The possabilities are endless!
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