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  1. Favorite breed of sporting dogs. Super intelligent, great hunters and great family pets. They just need a place to run, everyday.
  2. Saying a prayer for Jason and his family. Wishing him a speedy recovery.
  3. You will probably need to travel an hour or so south (Charlotte Harbor, Pine Island areas) to get into tarpon that time of year. I know a guide down there that I used to fish with a lot, as early as late March some years. He fishes out of Matlacha, on Pine Island Sound. Joe Harley, Snooktown Charters. You can find him with a web search. He has put me on quite a few tarpon, I have only landed one of the beasts though. I have been going in in mid April without a guide the last few years and there are big tarpon around that time of year, if you know where to look for them. Nice thing about Joe is after fishing for tarpon for a few hours he can put you on snook and redfish all day as well.
  4. 44-48 degrees seems to work best for salmon for us, but as noted in the earlier post. Salmon can be anywhere depending on bait, time of day, time of year, etc. Steelhead typically are in the 52-58 degrees range.
  5. I wouldn't give up on your new bow yet. I had a similar issue when I purchased my new Hoyt a few years ago. I would look at your arrows first. The new bows shoot so much faster you need may different splined arrows then you have ever shot before. Have you experimented with different stabilzers? You can't just throw any stablizer on it, go to a shop and try all the stabilzers they have. You'll be surprised how different each one can make your bow sound and shoot. It took me two years of frustration to get my new bow set up as perfect as my old one was.
  6. Team Name- # Fish- Weight- Score Jakey Baby 4 63.8 103.8 Trout N About 4 61.33 101.33 Escape 4 58.6 98.6 Yankee Troller 4 58.21 98.21 The Scottsman II 4 57.67 97.67 Fin N Tonic 4 56.84 96.84 Legacy 4 55.38 95.38 Salmon Sweepers 4 54.34 94.34 Hideout 4 50.42 90.42 Jessica Rea 4 49.65 89.65 Silver Fox 4 48.02 88.02 Salmon Boy 4 46.89 86.89 Runnin Rebel 4 44.53 84.53 A-Lure-A 4 42.61 82.61 Chasin Tail 4 41.62 81.62 Game On/Rod Hog 4 39.47 79.47 On-Terry-Oh 3 47.06 77.06 FLX Troller 4 36.06 76.06 Get the Net 4 30.1 70.1 HBT Sportfishing 3 39.95 69.95 Pull the Hook 4 29.84 69.84 Triple S 4 28.49 68.49 Missdeameanor 4 26.67 66.67 Fisher 4 4 24.5 64.5 Nothin But Net 4 22.89 62.89 Flat Top 3 32.41 62.41 Reel Issues 3 29.77 59.77 Fish Assassins 3 22.85 52.85 Locked Up 3 22.64 52.64 Rabid Weasel 2 25.54 45.54 Bear 1 17.57 27.57 Maryland Boat 1 16.53 26.53 My Mink 1 14.2 24.2 Double D 0 0 0 Chasing Chrome 0 0 0 Rigger Us 0 0 0 Live Action 0 0 0 Mr. Breeze 0 0 0 Make the Turn 0 0 0 Jolly II 0 0 0 Rigged 0 0 0 Reel Drag 0 0 0 Stand & Deliver 0 0 0 UnReel 0 0 0 Whaler One 0 0 0 Tomahawk 0 0 0 Congratulations to Jakey Baby on winning this years Sandy Creek Shootout. We paid the top eleven place this year. Big Salmon- The Scottsman II- 23.99 lbs Big Brown- Triple S- 9.98 lbs Big Steelhead- My Mink- 14.20 lbs Thanks to all the participants and sponsors for helping us make this another successful event.
  7. We are pleased to announce the 5th annual Sandy Creek Shootout. The format and rules are the same as last year. Quality Homes of Rochester will again be providing a $ 500.00 guaranteed cash prize for the largest salmon. Entry can be made via PayPal link below or with cash by contacting one of the derby committee members. The offical Shootout rules are attached to this post. Please remember to provide us with a boat name, captain name and cell phone number. Date: July 26, 2014 (Weather day will be July 27, 2014) Start: 5:30 am with weigh in at 2:00 p.m. Structure" Largest 4 fish combined weight per boat, 2 person minimum per boat, 8 rod limit per boat, 100 % Payout, Largest Salmon- $ 500 Cash, Largest Steelhead and Brown prizes. All boats must leave and return to Sandy Creek SIGN UP TODAY Check out the tournament Facebook page for a list of tournament sponsors. We will be having a Big Fish Friday tournament this year. Check LOU post for more details. Make sure to join us for the SCS tournament party on Friday night @ Nuts Corners! Feel free to PM me with any questions. Marina Info and dockage... Pro Marine and East Fork Marina Owner- Tom Barbera 236 Lake Rd east fork Hamlin, NY 14464 (585) 964-2694 ice, boat launch, docking, service ______________________ Sandy Creek Marina Owner- Bruce Butcher 8 Lake Road East fork Hamlin, NY 14464-9704 (585) 964-8189 ice, boat launch, e-free fuel, docking ______________________ Sleepy Hollow Marina Owner- Frank 200 Lake Road East Fork Hamlin, NY 14464-9708 314-3569 docking SandyDerbyFlyer2014.doc SandyDerbyRules2014.doc
  8. You are right. This is from an email I got this morning. Subj: Re: Crossbows The attached document contains the crossbow provisions from the Governor's budget proposal. It also contains several other provisions for sportsmen. In general, the provisions do the following: 1. Authorizes the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to offer promotional reduced cost licenses up to ten days per year and to designate up to eight free sport fishing days per year (the goal here is to promote fishing in NYS during times of low license sales) 2. Creating three- and five-year hunting, fishing and trapping licenses, and reducing the price of a seven-day fishing license ( Three year licenses will be reduced $5.00 for residents and $10.00 for non residents. 5 year licenses will be reduced $10.00 for resident and $40.00 for non residents. The seven day fishing license will go from $13.00 to $12.00 for residents and $31.00 to $28.00 for non residents) 3. Authorizes DEC to establish regulations allowing individuals to hunt big game or small game with a crossbow. (See the highlighted text on Page #39 in the attached document) 4. Reducing the distance from an occupied structure from 500 feet to 150 feet for discharge of a crossbow or longbow. 5. Clarifying the liability of owners, lessees and occupants whose property is used by the public for recreational activities.
  9. Trout-N-About 4 95.52 135.52 Get The Net 4 94.13 134.13 The Maryland Boat 4 90.26 130.26 Rigged 4 88.29 128.29 Whaler One 4 87.97 127.97 Legacy 4 87.85 127.85 Jakey Baby 4 87.01 127.01 Dragon Fly 4 84.69 124.69 A-Lure-A 4 83.22 123.22 Escape 4 82.35 122.35 Salmonboy 4 80.74 120.74 Runnin Rebel/Lake Runner 4 79.74 119.74 Scamaniac 4 73.99 113.99 Nothing But Net 4 73.37 113.37 Hideout 4 72.92 112.92 Pleasure Unit 4 71.91 111.91 Mr. Breeze 4 70.24 110.24 FLX Troller 4 68.96 108.96 Fishlander 4 68.33 108.33 Missdemeanor 4 65.97 105.97 Yankee Troller 4 64.76 104.76 Make The Turn 4 60.3 100.3 Tomahawk 4 58.95 98.95 Screamin Reel 4 57.42 97.42 Game On/Rod Hog 4 56.57 96.57 Manatee 4 56.06 96.06 Live Action 3 63.01 93.01 Top Angler 4 51.04 91.04 Triple SSS 3 58.95 88.95 The Silver Reflection 4 47.75 87.75 Jolly II 4 46.69 86.69 Fin-N-Tonic 4 39.7 79.7 Jagermeister 3 47.71 77.71 Hallet Bait & Tackle 3 46.5 76.5 Reel Peace II 3 45.96 75.96 Stand & Deliver 3 39.66 69.66 Papa Joe/Snafu 2 39.74 59.74 Shadow 2 35.27 55.27 Rabid Weasel 1 6.4 16.4 Reel Drag 0 0 0 Kitchen Sink 0 0 0 John Muehl 0 0 0 Locked Up 0 0 0 Swervon 0 0 0
  10. 3 p.m today is the deadline for signing up via PayPal. We will take cash entries until tomorrow.
  11. It seems like we always forget about this until a few days before the tournament, and we have once again. If anyone knows of an individual or group that might be interested in a "boat load" of fresh salmon to use for food, fertilizer, etc. Please let one of the derby committee members know ASAP. Every year a lot of fish go unused and it would be nice if we could donate them to someone in need. Thanks.
  12. If you are planning on paying via PayPal please do it ASAP. I cannot take payments via PayPal after Thursday at 3 p.m. If you are waiting to enter until Friday you will have to track down one of the derby committee members that day and pay with cash.
  13. Oh yeah I'm back, just in time for hot/muggy days, biting flies and gobs of fleas. Just wait Brian, your kids will get a little older and you will be "hibernating" a lot more during the summer.
  14. Should say at weigh in on Saturday. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. Mark. Yes there will be a big fish Sunday. 20 bucks. Biggest salmon. 1st and 2nd place only pay. We will collect entries at weigh in on Sunday. Cash only. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. We are pleased to announce the 4th annual Sandy Creek Shootout. We have kept the format and rules similar to previous years with a few minor changes. Once again Quality Homes of Rochester will be providing a $ 500.00 guaranteed cash prize for the largest salmon. Entry can be made via the PayPal link below or with cash by contacting one of the derby committee members. The offical Shootout rules and flyer are attached to this post. Please remember to provide us with your boat name, captain name and cell phone number. Date: July 27, 2013 (Weather day will be July 28, 2013) Start: 5:30 am with weigh in at 2:00pm Structure: Largest 4 fish combined weight per boat, 2 men minimum per boat, 8 rod limit, 100 % Payout, Largest Salmon-$ 500 Cash, Largest Steelhead and Brown prizes as well. Entry Fee: $ 150.00/boat, Payout for top 25 %. Website | Facebook *note all boats must leave and return to Sandy Creek. SIGN UP TODAY Check out the tournament Website for a list of tournament sponsors and rules. Our list of sponsors for this years tournament has almost doubled from previous years so make sure you "like us" on Facebook. Make sure to join us for the SCS tournament party at "Nuts Corners" friday night! Dont forget "Big Fish Sunday" hosted by East Fork Marina. Sign up will be available at saturdays weigh in. Please feel free to PM me with questions. *Also a $50 calcutta will be collected at the NutZ Corners party on Friday night if your interested. If you cant make the party then find one of the organizers listed. payout: 30% Big fish, 40% 1st place in standings, 20% 2nd, 10% 3rd. SandyDerbyFlyer2013.doc SandyDerbyRules2013.doc
  17. I guess that's the thanks you get for letting them use two videos of you and your big laker as promotion on there website. Personally I think its a bunch of BS, don't blame you one bit for being pissed off.
  18. What is that? Looks like extra set of legs growing out of it's back.
  19. My good friend and fellow LOU member Jeff Ignaszak is going through a rough spot in life right now. His daughter Taylor Mateo, who is 16 is battling cancer. Friends of Taylor's family are putting together a fundraiser on December 8th to help Jeff and his family with the medical expenses. More details are shown below. I know that the raffle already includes a 4 hour charter on Lake Ontario and a guided float trip on the Salmon River. I'm sure that anything we as LOU members can do to help support Taylor will be greatly appreciated. Taylor Mateo is a current BROCKPORT HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT, and daughter of Jeff and Nikki (Schweitz) Ignaszak . Taylor has been recently diagnosed with stage 3B Hodgkin's Lymphoma. We will be hosting benefit on December 8, 2012 from 3-9pm. Dinner will be served from 3-8, there will be music and raffle tickets being sold. Brockport Elks Lodge, 4400 Sweden Walker Rd, Brockport NY 14420 We are also going to celebrate Taylor's 17th birthday (which is on Dec 9). To donate raffle items call [email protected] 585-747-7651 Donations can also be made at First Niagara under Taylor Mateo's account. Pre-Sale Tickets are available @ Bill Grays Brockport, 8.00 Adults and 4.00 Kids http://www.facebook.com/events/366021203482901/
  20. Jerry, I would like to return that present, it seems very used and kind of stinky.
  21. Wow, this thread has taken a turn for the worse. Guess we can't all "know it all". But hey what better place to bash a fellow sportsman then on an open forum.
  22. LS, I'm not sure why your so defensive of keeping the Open guys down. In 2011, only 7 out of the 63 boats entered in the Orleans Pro Am were in the open division. With that number I can see why the Open division was treated as the "minor league". In 2012, 17 out of the 49 boats entered were in the Open division. With the new Pro-Am structure the Open division is going to bigger, while the Open may still be the "minor leagues", treating those competitors with less importance and indifference I think is a bad idea for the Pro-Ams.
  23. Up until now I have taken the position of keeping my mouth shut regarding the Pro-Am since the only one I fish is the Orleans. Being one of the directors of the Sandy Creek Shootout I know how hard it is to pull off a fishing tournament, and the sting of hearing negative criticism that comes along with it at times. That being said, I think the Orleans committee needs to look at a couple of things related to the open division. First, come up with a better scoreboard. As a participant in the open division I felt like my team and all the other open teams were kind of the outcast. Pros get a nice computer score sheet projected on a big screen. Open guys get a 2 x 3 foot dry erase board and a red marker. Second, the awards for the open division need to be presented much earlier. The consistent talk among the Open guys was "why do we have to wait 3 hours to get our awards". Our team agreed. We had finished in money, but it was to long of a wait to get our award. I know at least one other open team winner that left early as well. Most of the open guys aren't docked for the weekend in the creek. They trailered to the launch, they have to trailer back home that day. They may only be fishing one day because they have family commitments that afternoon/evening. A better effort to recognize the open division guys and get them their awards early would be nice.
  24. Copied this of Narby's website for anyone who might be interested. Good luck holding that top spot Brian. The laker board is still wide open for you to, Grand Brian Gambell Salmon 30lb. 13 oz 2. David Johnson 29lb 13oz 3. John Boeckel 29lb 12oz 4. Len Shortz 29lb 10 oz 5. Andrew Boss 28lb 11oz Rainbow Steelhead 1. Rich DeLong 14lb. 13oz 2. Todd Luckaseric 11lb. 15oz 3. Robert Rutherford 11 lb. 15oz 4. David Equiett 11lb. 11oz 5. Jim Stark 11lb 10oz Brown Trout 1.April Hohnson 13lb 13oz. 2. Keith Hambley 12lb. 14oz 3. Phillip Landers 11lb. 14oz 4. David Ruger 11lb 12oz. 5. Stephanie Pierleoni 10lb 9oz. NO LAKE TROUT YET. GO FOR IT
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