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  1. Here's some pics. The light connections are all modular. I have rigged everything on this boat to be easily removed so it can be used for other functions or fishing styles. Light with rubber pole clip. Plug on Pwr feed cable. Starboard Lt. The power feed cable has double flat connectors at this end. One plugs into the stbd light, the other plugs into wires ran thru the canopy pole sleeve. Port Lt. The wires coming thru the sleeve have a plug on the port side and connect to that light. In this pic you can also see a clamp on net holder that I made.
  2. Yeah, they light it up real nice. Pics coming up.
  3. diesalhp, The lights I used never killed my batteries. They have 9 watt lamps. I trolled with a 9.9, 15 amp alternator running 2 riggers and it was never an issue.
  4. I have portable lights rigged on the softtop of my 20 ftr. I used 12v floodlamps from a battery backup emergency ltg unit which are very light weight. I fastened rubber pole clips to them so that they could be clipped onto the canopy poles. All the wiring connections were done with 2 prong flat connectors. They were quick and easy to setup and break down. I'll send you some pics when I get a chance. Eric
  5. Hey Bill, I just don't think I could narrow it down to 2. I wouldn't be caught dead without my grape/silver and watermelon R&R's in May at the bar. The last couple of summers "Heartbreaker" and "Dieharder" have been getting alot of wet time.
  6. Empty, I have the Big Jons you are talking about and they work great. You can angle them one handed which is nice when you have a rod in the other hand. I bought longer sections of track direct from Big Jon and mounted 2 on each side.
  7. A new Furuno FCV 585 for me. I want to rig up a couple half cores before spring.
  8. I'll be the odd man and vote for Penns. I have 5 Fathom Master 835's and love them. I don't know their retrieval rate but they are ALOT faster than the Cannon Mag 10A's on my other boat. They have up to 10 programmable stops that can be set with one push of a button. This feature is really nice. If you have the rigger set for example at 50' the next time you reset you hit the button momentarily down and it takes you back to 50' and stops on its own. I usually set a stop point about 5' down so that when they are raised the cannon ball is down in the water and not above it swinging wildly around. If I had to rig up another boat I would not hesitate buying more Penns.
  9. Awesome catch Gambler . I see a fish fry coming up.
  10. Play Penn, Here's where I buy mine http://www.staminainc.com/terminal_tackle/nylostrand.html, item #196-150 black.
  11. I've got all my tackle together. Now we just need an optimum weather window!!
  12. 300watts, 200khz, 6" monochrome screen, 240x320 pixels. Transducer, pwr cord, and manual are included. This unit is in perfect working condition!! $190 plus shipping.
  13. I have the same motor. One thing that I have found out is that I must keep the contacts of the plug and recep extremely clean. The brass must be kept shiny. I use this motor for a week steady on an annual trip that we make and I may have to clean the contacts a couple of times during the week. This is what happens; the motor will make several clicking noises and then will not do anything. A quick buffing of the contacts and I'm back in business. This past season I had to have the brushes cleaned. H.I.H. Eric
  14. No problem Gray. I knew it would be a gamble.
  15. Team Bling, If you can get them higher it will be better. Your releases will slde out alot better if it is higher.
  16. Hey Bob, It sure is a keeper. There is only one problem with it......every time we make it, I gotta have 3 bowls of it. :lol:
  17. I'll put the 3rd vote in for the Heartlands. I have all 9'6" Heartland dipsey rods and love them. As Billy said the wire line knot is simple and holds great. I do use a crimp sleeve to finish off the tag end of the knot.
  18. I didn't see that boat. We were just getting started about that time.
  19. I have 20' Starcraft and run an 82lb thrust Motorguide with a 60" shaft. It will yank it around pretty good. Don't skimp on the shaft length or you might experience alot of porpoising. The 60" seems about right for my boat. I don't have a remote but prefer to use my foot and keep my hands free. My dad has a remote for his Minn Kota on his boat and prefers to use it. Matter of personal preference. His remote works great for him and he has an extra one for his partner in the back of the boat incase he needs some "help".
  20. Wished you were able to make it Bill, we could have used the extra hands for awhile. Hey RR, what boat were you in. Zeke ("Strike 3") said you would be out. I gave a shout for you on 68.
  21. Stinger, "frisco" let the cat out of the bag. He prompted my trip. I haven't winter fished it in about 5 or 6 years. Just wished I would have started out with that plan first thing Sat morning. We blew the first half of the day by the time we got back from the river, got the other boat rigged, and traveled 1 1/2 hours to get up there. Oh, and that thought about Ethan and school, that lightbulb has been lit already . I don't think Mom will allow it again without a buffer period :x . Keuka, replied to your pm
  22. Thanks Erin, I'll check that out.
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