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  1. Thanks guys. Too bad the tip of his right beam was broken off. Me and my Dad pushed out a big one to my brother today but it was some tough shootin and he got away.
  2. I'm with you too Bob. I made mine years back and I think it would compete with most anything you could buy. I used 1" S/S pipe and parts I machined form HDPE on my woodlathe and a dremel tool. It was labor intensive with the tools that I have but satisfying when completed. Here's some pics:
  3. Bagged this 8 pt at 8 am this morning. I had 4 bucks that were running together aways out to the front of me. Had the rifle lined up in their direction but I kept scanning to my left and right. Off to my right in some thick stuff I spotted 3 tines and an eartip. It was a waiting game until he finally stuck his head and neck into an opening. I didn't hesitate and took him thru the neck. Handed the rifle over to Ethan who can kill an antlered deer under the Pa youth/mentor program. Had another buck come out behind us 45 min later but he had the scoop on us before Ethan could swing for a shot. That was it for the day. Taking Ethan out again on Sat.
  4. Lookin nice!!! Some day mine will get a cosmetic makeover.
  5. I upgraded to the Furuno FCV585 last season. Huge difference over my older monochrome single freq Furuno. You can track your cannonballs and see the fish racing up to them. The unit is very user friendly. I love it!!! I also dealt with Jim at BOE. Here is their link:http://www.byownerelectronics.com/store/home.php?cat=2596. Good luck, Eric
  6. Family day tomorrow but, on Fri me and my boy will be jigging for walleyes.

    hard top

    John, Just checked out your work on GLA. You are a craftsman!! Nice job.
  8. Rick, I have a bud who may be interested in the 57's. I'll check with him tomorrow.
  9. Hope you have a speedy recovery Bob!!
  10. Thanks for the offer Duane. I'd love to take you up on that sometime.
  11. Hope all is well with you too Duane. Did you end up storing your boat at Lake Breeze?
  12. Thanks for the post Duane. It struck a nerve with me also. Eric from PA
  13. Wasn't me Gray. My work schedule has really busted my fall fishing so far. Hopefully in a week or so I'll be able to get out.
  14. Good for you Gray, Glad it finally worked out for you. Where are you keeping it this winter?
  15. The knot in Tim's pics is fail safe. I have eliminated the overhand knot and simply half hitch to the swivel and secure the tag end with a crimp sleeve. The half hitch is what is doing all of the load bearing anyways. It makes a nice neat termination.
  16. Pat, when I trip out the dipseys I point the rod to the back, thumb the wire and give it a long even sweep up to trip out the diver. I have had newbie's snap my wire when they lowered the rod quick and gave it a quick jerk up.
  17. Dan, I was right next to "Old Timer". Hey Rick, "Medicine Man" ??
  18. Dan, did you slip at 4-C's? Didn't see you there.
  19. Gray, I'm looking for something that can sleep at least 4 guys without breaking down the dining area, like a 32'-33' bumper trailer. A slide would be great. Thanks Bob, but I won't be at the proam. Do you have any pics you can send me? length?
  20. Thanks guys. My buddy and his wife had a great time. Conditions were great for their first trip to LO. They can't wait to go again!! Bill, Found one I really wanted but the deal fell thru. :x Dave, You hit the nail right on the head!!
  21. A coworker of mine and his wife joined me and my family this weekend. The weather and lake conditions were great. On Fri we had a slow start but then worked 200'-300' and had great action on steelhead. Copper NBK's on my hi divers were smokin. The 2 divers were on 3 settings out 250'. The Fri evening run could be best described with one word.....SLOW. Sat morning we stayed on the inside and had some good king action. We had a hard time bringing them to the net but atleast the rods were moving with some quality targets. Sat evening we had a full boat and headed north of the 26 line to get the kids into some steel. We had a decent pick on a north/south troll and my daughter Emily boated her first unassisted LO fish. Sun morning we set up in 110' out front and the rods were on fire.......for an hour, and then were extinguished. We had our best fish of the trip on during the flurry only to have it rip loose 2' from the net hoop. It hit our low diver with a white/dbl glow spin doc and hammer fly out 100' on a 1 setting. That fish ripped out to over 700' in a hurry. A light green spin doc with my "Money" fly was my best flasher /fly combo this weekend. I had the pleasure to finally meet Duane "Heaven Bound" and can say that he is a top notch guy. I hope we will have the time to hook up again up there. Great fishing, family, and friends made this a weekend to remember!! Here's some pics:
  22. Dan, We have a cottage rented (near their boat ramp) and will be slipping the boat. I'm sure we will bump into eachother. Eric
  23. Ray, Thanks for the report. Moving my boat up there on Thurs and should be fishing there every weekend throughout.
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