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  1. Happy Birthday John!! How was the snow down your way? We got hit pretty good.
  2. Fishbone, I have fished up there in May, June, July, Aug, and Sept. Throughout the day the "skeeters" weren't much of a problem if you were out on the water. They are nasty early in the morning when heading to the dock but not as bad once you got out on the water. You could often here them coming right at dusk but most often I was already heading in. Get the boat docked and head to the cabin quick!! Kirk's Cove has gas at the dock.
  3. Fishbone, never stayed at Camp's Bay but for years stayed at Holiday Haven on the east end and the last 10 years Kirk's Cove on the west. As Time Out said try to get a topo, it could save you a lower unit. We strictly fished for eyes dragging clean crawlers on/near shoals and took good #'s. Bow mount trolling motors and sonar bow and stern enabled pinpoint boat control.
  4. Great shot Gray, love to see the kids into it!!
  5. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.
  6. Happy birthday Tom. Thank you for the contributions and effort you give. Have a great day!!
  7. I also run the Heartlands and really like them especially for the price. 5 wire setups, all 9'6" , 3 brown, 2 black.
  8. Man, did the smoke start rollin when I read that!!!
  9. I took this buck early Sat morning on my way into my stand. Today me, Ethan, and his grandfather got together for some organized hunting. Pop sitting with Ethan and me playing beagle. On the first drive I bounced a small buck but he didn't come out where they were standing. 3 doe did though and Ethan tacked one right behind the shoulder. A running shot about 70 yds. This is his first season and first deer. Having my Dad with us to share in the experience was priceless.
  10. check this out: http://www.purpletacoflysupply.net/Home_Page.html. pm sent
  11. YT, praying for a speedy recovery for your Dad.
  12. Ours came on one of my white/pearl crinkle flys behind a wonderbread spinny on the 300' copper.
  13. We caught this LL in Aug off of Oak Orchard. He weighed 11 lbs on my spring scale. Sorry for the poor pic quality, only had the camera phone that day.
  14. Jeremy, we got them jigging. The currents were tough but when I could keep the boat traveling the same speed as the current i could keep a good feel for the bottom. 3/8 oz jigs would have worked best but I was out so i added a small splitshot to a 1/4 oz. we didn't find any hotspots and took one here and there.
  15. Me and Ethan had a good day of fall fishing and we kept our limit of walleyes up to 25". I also caught these 2 that were released. 1 just shy of 30", the other 27".
  16. I had alot of memories this past season. My best was Aug 14th. I had my family aboard along with a good friend. We decided to head out offshore right away and fish a long day with the great weather forecast. The plan was to setup around the 32 line and look north towards the fence. The catching started out slow but by 9 am we had nice steady pick going. That continued thru the day with the longest period 20 minutes between bites. By 4 pm, we were around 34.1 N x 19.9 W. We trolled thru an area with plenty of marks and we tripled. We had several more doubles, triples, and 1 quad in that area. Earlier we had decided that 7 pm would be the cutoff. At 7 we started pulling rods beginning with the corner rigs. The center rigger rod hooks up and then 2 divers. Another triple to finish the day!! We kept a log and the tally was 31 for 50. Things were real hectic at times and our numbers could have been a few more. We took some salmon in the morning, mostly steel thru 4 pm, and a mix after that. Our largest king was 25 lbs that day. The great day of weather, fishing, and having my wife, kids, and a good friend along definately made this my most memorable of the season. We all had a blast!!
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