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  1. Erin, i just got mine last week as well. I bought the season conservation for $41.75 Canadian plus another $9 for the outdoor card. An 8 day conservation lisc. is $25.25.
  2. I don't like it but I can stomach it personally. But friends of mine who fish with me 1 to 3 weekends a summer, I can see some of them dropping out if they have to shell out $70 for a liscense.
  3. hm, I like size C rod guide thread. Check these out http://ringwoodfcs.proboards40.com/index.cgi?board=howto&action=display&thread=355 and http://www.lakemichiganangler.com/tips/making_flys.htm I have made them using both methods. I prefer using the thread. I don't use heads but rather tubing that I buy at http://www.mcmaster.com/#. It is dirt cheap
  4. Sorry to hear of your loss Chris. Sympathys to you from me and my family.
  5. Hmm...the poll changed. Do I get to recast my vote?
  6. I selected other. My favorite fishing is midsummer salmon.
  7. Happy B'day "Mailman"!! See you this summer.
  8. What I have done to save a few bucks on the Scotty releases is to buy the stacker setup which includes 2 releases. I disassemble the stacker setup and reterminate with old rigger cable making 2 individual releases. The stacker setup is $11.99 and the single $9.99 at Gander Mt.
  9. I'll cast another vote for the Scotty's
  10. I had Big Jon multiset rodholders in track for my divers. I was in the process towards purchasing some longer track and some extra Big Jon rod holders when I first saw the Ciscos on Yankees boat last May in Wilson. I was sold at once. I have since changed my boat setup to accommodate 4' tracks and 4 holders per side. Eric
  11. That last shot reminds me alot of one I saw a few years ago. I didn't take any pics, I was too busy reeling in rods!!
  12. Rob, Have you checked out Stamina? I have bought VMC conecut trebles there in bulk(100 ct.). Even sizes that they didn't carry they got for me. http://lurepartsonline.com/cart.php?m=product_list&c=1242 Eric
  13. C'mon Bill, no dovetail joints on the drawers . Nice work.
  14. Big Jon planer reel setup: http://www.bigjon.com/store/list.asp?SubTypeID=17&ProductID=44 Big Jon Parts (8" replacement reel $28.50): http://www.bigjon.com/store/parts.asp
  15. I also add a large duolock snap to my spin doctors. I tie a loop in my fly leaders using a figure eight knot. It is fast and easy to change things up. Here are some pics of the loop. Sorry for the poor quality but I think you can get the idea.
  16. Curt has his website back up. http://purpletacoflysupply.com/category.sc?categoryId=2
  17. Nice job Rapala! I like your built in dipsey/spinny storage. The boat looks very organized. How did you secure the AL diamond plate to your steps?
  18. If they scored right before the half instead of turning it over, they would have won it.
  19. Here's one: http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=9134
  20. BH, I don't know what kind of track you are looking at. Traxstech has end caps for their track. A possiblity is to use the end caps and replace the stock allen set screw with a tamperproof one.
  21. Raider, I go by Maniac on the radio but the boat is named "Hocus Pocus" (2450 Sabre). When I am not fishing it is parked by the camper. I am along the middle road between the 2 entrances. Eric
  22. Raider, I have a camp at North of the Ridge. Feel free to look me up if you stay there. Hey Duane, Your "package" is just about ready.
  23. Ethan is up to 15350. I got them lined up good one time and got 3 with one shot. Fun game, thanks Hank.
  24. My daughter got 8400 . Me and Ethan are trying to beat her.
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