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  1. 9/11 morning: We were bound and determined to fish the inside and pull some mature kings. We set up at the wall with a Carbon 14 on one corner and a moonshine "double trouble" on the other corner, a J flatlined down the middle. We made 3 passes without a wiggle and didn't see or here of any taken in there so we headed north. As we got into 40' I changed the spread to some spin doc and dodger fly combos. Trolled out to 120 and we saw plenty of bait and marks from 100-120 but they just didn't seem to be the marks I was looking for. We spun around and settled on fishing around 75' and headed west. We worked west to the 17.5 line and back to port in 65' without a touch. Never really found much to concentrate on. 9/11 evening: Headed back out around 4:30 to see a stiff east wind with a good chop. We motored east to the 06 W line, 75 fow and setup with wind/waves at our back. We got a tip earlier that a few matures were caught on the inside in the morning with cutbait (thanks Rick). We setup with a flasher/cutbait on the center rigger (deepest), dodger/fly combos on the corners, spin doc/flys on the divers. We found some nice marks out from the flats and the cutbait was the first to go. We ended up boating 4 out of 6. The cutbait took 3 of the shots. The 4 we boated ranged from 19 to 26 lbs and the other 2 were break offs. 9/12 morning: Well the east wind really pushed the cold water in. Gave the wall 1 pass, early before all the combatants arrived and then headed for deeper water. At 65' NE of port, we started getting action and were 5 for 6 by 8:30 am. After that it seemed like a liquid desert out there. We left our spot and trolled east towards the flats. Took one around 19 lbs around noon on the flasher/cutbait. Our Luhr Jenson green dodger/pearl crinkle fly was the best combo that morning. Our biggest was 25 lbs. Warmer water was moving back in as we quit at 12:30 pm. 9/12 evening: Headed back out around 4:00. Hardly any boats on the water except for 1 charter and about 4 recs trolling the wall. We setup in 45' just a little west of port. When we hit the 50' level the screen lit up and the first rod fires! We had 3 laying on the deck in the first 15 minutes. After that it slowed down but stayed steady. We would continue to hook up, each pass, working around a 1/2 mile stretch, east and west, straight out from the wall. Ended up 6 for 10 when we pulled the gear around 7 pm. Nothing huge, one 8-9 lb jack and the rest 17-21 lbs. Our green dodger/pearl fly combo 40' down and the cutbait at 50' each went 3 times. Here are the combos that took fish for us this weekend: That was the finish to my season. We closed up the camp Monday morning and pulled the boat home. Getting close to gear up for fall "eyes" on the river.
  2. Thanks for the invite Rick. Me and Ethan both had a great time. Ethan really enjoyed sitting up on the bridge on the ride in. GREAT NIGHT!!!
  3. Thanks for all the birthday wishes guys. And yes, I almost got the big one on my birthday, only it didn't have fins but it had rotating winds right over the boat!! We had a great week of fishing, some slow days and some fantastic days.
  4. I was wondering where you took off to. Glad the move worked out for you.
  5. Shawn and Tom, Glad to meet you both. The fishing has been fantastic up there the last 3 weekends!!
  6. Awesome steel Rick!! We lacked the laker to grand slam on Sun. We did take 2 LL's.
  7. Looking for an extension cable for the discontinued Cannon S-n-T.
  8. Happy Birthday Rick. Hope you put the smack on them today.
  9. Humm, I thought you were too good to return a call to a freshman capt.
  10. Mark, I buy them direct from Dave at R&R. http://www.mytacklebox.com/ Sending you a pm. That same setup took this 27 lber for us in May of 2007.
  11. Brian, We just missed each other at the fort on Sat evening. You were driving out as I was approaching the south launch.
  12. We took this one on the first day of our west end fishing trip last week. 27 lbs + on my spring scale. It bit my favorite spring king rig, R&R Grape/Silver mupped on the deep rigger.
  13. I bought mine thru Harbor Sales. Shipping was free as long as it was delivered to a place of business. http://www.harborsales.net/tabid/130/Default.aspx?ProductTypeId=195
  14. Jim, I used 3/4" for the floor. I also bought some 1/2" for other areas.
  15. jimbouy, I installed starboard antiskid for the floor in my boat 4 yrs ago. It has held up great to this point. I did add some extra structural support because it will sag. Here is a pic of mine.
  16. A real thanks from me goes out to Splitshot. I saw his original post looking for interest in the Elmira class, but it wasn't until he pm'd me that it really sparked my interest. I almost backed out but he helped me to stay the course and I'm so glad I did now. Thanks Scott!!
  17. Specifically looking for Gander Mt Advantage Pro Leadcore rod, medium hvy 8'-0" model # GMAP-802CMH-LC8'0" 3 are on their way!!
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