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  1. I missed it too. Happy Birthday buddy!! Looking forward to have you back on the lake next season.
  2. Hey Dave, I've got a good pic of yours to send you.
  3. We caught this one around 6:45 am on 9/6. It was the first rod to go and Ethan pounced on it like tiger. It hit a green Luhr Jenson Dodger with one of my pearl crinkle flys, 25' lead off a 60' corner rigger. 31 lbs 11 oz
  4. Chinook (aka "Heavenbound") is hooked up One of our doubles A 12 yr old tagteam effort on this big guy. A new fly pattern I made up last week behind a Jenson dodger took this one. Metal dodgers were very productive for us this weekend including our derby fish. Me and my boy with our derby fish. Another angle of me and Yankee
  5. It was fun to weigh in 2 hogs together with a bud . Just 4 more ounces Way to go Rick!!
  6. Hey guys thanks for all the birthday wishes!! I spent my b'day working a 17 hour shift and tonight I definitely feel older. Back at ya Ray, Happy B'day. Hollered at you on the radio a couple weekends ago but I think you were busy with a dipsey double
  7. Dennis, I have some Eagle claw rigger rods and a GL47lc reel that just collect dust. You are more than welcome to them if you want them. I could drop them off at Capt's cove next weekend.
  8. I can't agree more with Duane. I will spend the extra money for myself and in a few years it will cost me $140 instead of $80 when my son will have to have one. I am sure it will hamper those that fish with me on 2 different weekends of the summer.
  9. jer9580, the spring can easily be unwound around the cable. To remove the antenna from the cable, spread the end of the spring wire and insert the rigger cable into the spring ( this is at the end of the spring towards the rigger boom). Push the rigger cable thru the spirals of the spring until it comes out of the last coil at the rear of the spring. To reinstall, wedge the rigger cable between the straight section of wire going to the the coax cable and the first coil. Rotate the spring around the cable so thet the rigger cable feeds thru the coils until it comes out at the end. It is really easy and only takes seconds. No need to chop into the cable to add a video connector plus less connections to fail I have been doing it this way since cannon first came out with the unit.
  10. Name: Eric Stankiewicz Boat Name: Hocus Pocus Boat Make: Crestliner 24' Sabre Port: Oak Orchard Years on LO: 18
  11. Sean, Check this out http://www.mcmaster.com/#latex-tubing/=19d1fc
  12. Sean, Very sweet rig!! One thing I spotted though was how far from the stern that the side riggers are. Just wondering how that will work out making corners in a crosswind. At any rate congrats, she's a beauty.
  13. I can agree with you Rob, If I figure up the cost of material per fly, it is def. cheaper. If I add up all the cost of the extra mylar I have, it might be cheaper to just buy what I need to run. Regardless I will still continue to run and make my own flys. Its a great project for the winter months. For cost savings I have learned to be a little less creative and stick with stocking up on the proven patterns I already have.
  14. Tandem Gamakatsu 4/0 octopus hooks on 50 lb Big Game for me.
  15. Yoda, Billy V has some Mag 10 HS riggers for sale. http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=9689
  16. I ran a standard shaft Merc 9.9 on my 20' Starcraft with a 25" transom. In any wave action it would cavitate often. That same 9.9 is now installed on a 24' boat and the setup allows for it to sit lower in the water than it did on the 20 ftr. It gets alot better bite and pushes the bigger boat better.
  17. On more than one of my trips I had to head west into Canadian waters to lock onto the kings. During those times other boats that I was in contact with, who were fishing east of the bar to Olcott had very limited action with kings. For all the expense, planning and anticipation I have for this trip, not getting one isn't even considered. I'll have piece of mind that I can go where the fish are.
  18. Joe and Shirley's "At the Oak" site is what steered me to that port. I am so grateful for the many great experiences and great people I have met because of being "steered" there. My sincere condolences to Shirley and the family.
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