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  1. Hmmm, Seems the Ciscoes aren't that readily accessable. Who knows when I might actually get them. :?
  2. Maybe I'm wrong but I thought 150 lb was pretty much the standard. One thing to consider if going to 210 lb coated cable is the even larger diameter it will have which will cause even more cable blowback. I flip my cable at the end of each season and use the other end. After 2 seasons it gets a fresh spool.
  3. I buy mine here: http://www.staminainc.com/terminal_tackle/nylostrand.html 300', 150 lb for $31.99
  4. Legacy, I would seriously check out the Ciscos. I was sold on them after seeing them on YT's boat and am in the process of switching to them from my Big Jons. I think they would give you the widest adjustment range of any holder out there.
  5. Dale, It is mainly a cost issue. Gas, the exchange rate, passport probability, steadily increasing prices of the cottages has made the Canada trip from a rather cheap vacation into an expensive one. I am also looking into setting up a camper for LO fishing as well. I am sure we will get up there again sometime just nothing planned for now.
  6. John, We stayed at Kirk's Kove. Some of the fish pics were taken out front of there. We did alot of our fishing around the western end of Long Island. Dale, Glad you enjoyed them. This was our last planned trip up there. Started fishing on the lake when I was 9. I'm gonna miss it. Eric
  7. Me and the family made the annual trip to Canada again last week to fish for 'eyes. We had excellent fishing. No lunkers for us but plenty of 18"-22" fish and a few others up to 24". New regs allow only 1 fish over 18" per day so we saved some fish under 18" for the pan each day. Had to dodge some T-storms thru the week but overall the weather was decent. I used the bow mount to slow troll nightcrawlers near structure in 14'-17' depths. Here's some pics: My Dad and his bud Casey working a spot Me and Ethan heading in Me,my wife, and the kids
  8. Nice boat, good to here you'll hardly miss a beat.
  9. I also have the Eagle Feet on my 20 ftr and they work great. If you do have a bar made out of stainless steel I would suggest NOT finishing it with anything. The stainless will hold up by itself just fine.
  10. Look here http://www.cabelas.com/prod-1/0019078010604a.shtml
  11. Shade, Are you asking about my pic or capt ace's pic ? No release shown in my pic. The terminator is a trutrac now made by Walker and called a clincher. I use a pinch pad stacker release about 2' above the probe.
  12. RR, I had heard what happened. It is good to hear that you've got a replacement so quick and can salvage the season.
  13. Mongo, Forgot, I used 10 gauge stainless steel.
  14. Mongo, I believe the first setup created to much disturbance in front of the paddle wheel therefore, not giving accurate speed readings. With the newer plate, I made it so that the rigger cable would be further away from the paddle wheel and also had less of a profile. I also redid the termination and eliminated the snap swivel to give better water flow.
  15. I have been using the Cannon S-n-T since they were first introduced. I had problems with my first unit which Cannon replaced. The replacement has worked great ever since with a coated cable. I like the additional info it provides that others do not. Zebedee, No need to cut your cable and install connectors. Simply spread the wire at one end of the spring and pass the coated cable thru the coils until it is unwound. It only takes seconds to do and you will avoid having additional connections that could cause signal loss or other problems.
  16. Thanks guys. Erin, I'll be in touch. I want to talk to you about the Oak. I have some ideas you might be interested in. Rick, Ill send you the other pics I took also. Wish we could have been a little closer. I zoomed in as much as I could.
  17. Erin, After a couple of years of pm's and cell phones it was great to meet up with you finally. Glad you and John had a good time!!
  18. BP Swing, The other Islander in the Binghamton area is a 1995 soft top with a 4.3L. It comes with 2 Cannon mag 10's, Hummingbird FF, some Penn rod and reels, and assorted tackle. $10,000 You can call Fran at (607)775-0488. ____________ Eric
  19. Mother Nature finally caught up with us this year. Out of our 8 scheduled days, 3 were blowoffs and 1 other we only fished for 3 hrs. When we did get on the water our numbers were good but, the amount of bigger fish was definately lower compared to my previous trips. It was mostly a spoon bite for us on riggers and wire slide divers. Took fish from 25' to 100' FOC although the deeper rigs were better. We did alot of our fishing out from the Red Barn 65' thru 150'. I hooked up with Erby Joe and his partner John and we did some Niag. River exploring on 2 of the off days with his 19' Lund. Our first day we fished the afternoon at Artpark and hooked up with a couple steelhead. The second day we ventured upstream and fished the drift above the American pwr plant. We boated 7 steelhead and had a great time. The first fish was a real beauty female that Erin landed. I didn't take my camera along but, Erin did and I'm sure he will post pics when he gets back from his trip. It was great to finally meet Erin face to face and it was a pleasure to fish with him and John. Here are some pics: Launching at the fort "Yankee Troller" heading in "Camp Maniac"
  20. Erin, I removed the heat shrink, recrimped and installed new heat shrink tubing.
  21. Hmmm....Erin some different type of antenna? I have not had any problem with signal loss until my coated cable is beat to crap when fishing deeper. One thing I did though was retermiante the connection from the end of the cable to the spring. The factory connection was not crimped up tight. Did this a few years ago and and the unit works real well.
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