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  1. I know this is a fish recipes section but, since the addition of the hunting section I see alot of the guys are hunters as well. We had our annual kielbasi making day on Sun and made 68 lbs. We stuffed around half into casings and left the other half loose for use in lasagna, breakfast sausage, etc.. My Dad is going to smoke a few rings but most we just froze fresh. We adjust the ingrediants proportionately depending on how much we make. Here is what we used on Sun. 38 lbs pork shoulder butts 30 lbs venison 20 tbs pickling salt 3 oz coarse ground pepper 13.5 tbs Accent 8.5 tbs ground marjoram 14 tbs dill weed 6 med onions 7 avg sized garlic bulbs We double ground the pork and venison together thru a coarse plate. The onion and garlic is put in a blender with some water and blended to a thick milkshake consistency.
  2. Erin, I don't tow any boats with the Highlander. I do all my towing with my Chevy pickup. When I get a chance I'll shoot you some pics of some spoons. Yeah Bill, You do have a "few" blades.
  3. Erin, My wife has owned hers for 3 yrs now and is pretty happy with it.
  4. I always run a black one off the starboard and a purple off the port. I like to have the 2 different colors so that they get reset to their proper side of the boat. One of the first things I tell any newbie crewmates is "purple off the port side". Eric
  5. LZ, I used my Cannon S-n-T along with a Fishhawk before and didn't have any problems. Pretty sure the Cannon and Subtroll are similar as to how the signal is sent.
  6. Here's one to check out: http://www.greatlakesplaners.com/
  7. Here's some Chris: http://www.glangler.com/index.htm http://www.attheoak.com/ http://spoonpullers.proboards42.com/index.cgi http://www.outdoorsniagara.com/bill_hilts_fish_locator.htm http://lakeontariooutdoors.com/forums/index.php http://www.loc.org/ http://www.olcottfishing.com/ http://www.thehulltruth.com/category-view.asp http://www.atommiktrollingflies.com/ http://www.captgarys.com/ http://www.lakemichiganangler.com/store/store.htm http://www.biglakeoutfitters.com/ http://www.howiestackle.com/ http://www.mytacklebox.com/ http://www.siggsrigs.com/ http://www.digitaldagger.com/ http://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/getForecast?query=oswego+ny http://www.coastwatch.msu.edu/ontario/o12.html http://www.glerl.noaa.gov/res/glcfs/glcfs.php?lake=o&ext=swt&type=F&hr=03 http://www.erh.noaa.gov/buf/laketemps/laketemps.php http://www.erh.noaa.gov/ndfd/graphical/sectors/bufMarineWeek.php http://coastwatch.glerl.noaa.gov/modis/modis.cgi/modis?region=o&page=1 http://www.nws.noaa.gov/om/marine/zone/gtlakes/bufmz.htm http://www.animatedknots.com/index.php?LogoImage=LogoGrog.jpg&Website=www.animatedknots.com
  8. I'll add another vote for the Cannon. I also like having the added features of true depth at the ball, and light intensity. The monitor is small so it doesn't take up much dash space. Battery life is good. I think I used 3 last season. The only problem I have is fishing deep when the coating on the cable is real beat up. Quick touchups with liquid electrical tape will help get me thru the season. At the end of the season I will flip my cable and use the other end for the next season. At least every 2 years I replace the cable with a new one. I bought the unit when they first came out and had my share of problems with it early on. It was eventually replaced and the new one and has worked great ever since. I did come up with an alternate connection method for the probe to the cable that you can see here. http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing/viewtopic.php?t=724&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=cannon+speed+temp&start=15. As Erin said probe replacement is more costly than the others.
  9. Congrats Bill, That is a real beauty :!: :!:
  10. Hey Musky, Just got finished eating my 3rd bowl of your chowder. The whole family loved it. Followed your recipe exactly and would not change a thing. Hey guys, if you haven't tried it you are missing out. Thanks for sharing it MB. Eric
  11. Geez, there's plenty of days that he does already.
  12. "that rock" produced another one. Ethan bagged this 27 incher today.
  13. Thanks Bill!! This particular rock has produced 4 lunker eyes since last Nov.
  14. No, Upper Susquehanna subbasin.
  15. Can take awhile to gather enough for a family meal but it is worth the wait. I save (horde) the cheek meats from my walleyes and freeze in small ziploc bags filled with water. Sautee in butter with chopped onion, minced garlic, dill weed, and pepper. Serve with angel hair pasta.
  16. I call it the "Dieharder". Get some, they produce. E-mail Dave at [email protected] .
  17. Caught this one on Saturday. 29" [/img]
  18. Ditto on the superglue. Other than some click springs and new click pawls (which are cheap to replace) they have been very dependable.
  19. Gray, Probably in about 2 weeks I'll get the river rig out. Got your messages on the Sabre. My buddy was all set to go look at it, but before he did the guy sold it to another. Did you find a new ride yet? Dave, That one hasn't made the wallpaper yet, but my screensaver is a slideshow of Ethan pics. Great idea Musky, one poster coming up!!
  20. Dave, Awesome brown, way to go!!!
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