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  1. Thanks Gray, He's growing up. He started setting the rigs and divers this summer. Pretty soon all I'll be doing is driving.
  2. Way to go Bill, Seems like you fell right into the groove with the new rig. I wrapped up this weekend as well and pulled the boat home Sun. Keep in touch. Hey Erin, you are still alive!!!
  3. Me, my wife, and kids fished Sun at Point Breeze. Caught Salmon in 15' to 35' FOW. Dodger/fly setups took all our fish. Riggers down 8' to 20' with leads up to 100' and dipseys out 45' to 60' on a 4 setting. Also tried bloody nose silver bullet J's and rebel fastracs flatlined and out 5 colors of lead but didn't have a touch on those.
  4. Unfortunately this fish got away from us. After a 790' run, Ethan battled him back to within 300' and then the hooks ripped loose.
  5. Hey Stix, Go to Big Jon's website and order direct http://www.bigjon.com/store/parts.asp. I ordered new ones for my planer reels this season.
  6. That's the way to do it. Save a bunch in the long run with the 10,000'.
  7. FT, Check here:http://www.attheoak.com/fishrpt.html
  8. Jim, I run 2 off each side alot. The release is nothing more than an offshore medium tension downrigger release. I made an oval ring out of 1/8" stainless rod and tiewrapped it to the rodholder for an attatchment point for the release. Run your diver out, back off the drag, then clip the pinch pad on the wire right in front of the reel. When a fish hits the release will pop off and the fish can take drag. It allows me to have a little less drag without line constantly creeping out. Did you fish out of the Oak this weekend? Passed a Striper with 2 Cannons on it this weekend in the river and was wondering if it was you.
  9. It was a tough weekend for us. Alot of searching to find what we got, mostly steel, and some teenagers. We fished out around the 31 line to get what we got. Had a newcomer aboard and even though the catching was tough for us he had a great time and is anxious to go again in 2 weeks.
  10. I used to use VMC conecut trebles on my flys. They are sticky sharp, but I would lose an occasional fish due to bent hook or the line getting wedged in the treble. I have since gone to tandem Gammi octupus hooks and am very pleased. They really stick them and stay. Also, on my divers I loosen the drag so it will just about creep and then attach an offshore release to the wire(thanks T. Brommund) which is hung from the rod holder. When a fish hits, the release will pop off and there is minimal drag. Here is a pic of the setup:
  11. Dave, Shoot me a pm when your rig is ready to go.
  12. Great weekend of weather, fishing and catching. Family trip this weekend with my wife, son, Dad and long time family friend Casey. Sat was a slow day for us and we didn't get much going. Sun and Mon morning trips were entirely different and action rivaled that of spring Niag Bar fishing. Every rod in the spread was pulling fish. We pretty much worked 12-14Wx24-26N most of the weekend. Hot spoons for us were R&R Mulatto, Black Ice w/ green and lazer ladders, Watermelon grape dots, and Billy V's Habanero. A Supercrazy Spin Doc with the Killer fly did alot of damage on a wire diver. Here's some pics:
  13. TB, I use slide divers on wire rods. I terminate the wire to a small welded ring that I pinch into an oval, then I terminate about 50' of 20lb flouro to the oval ring which passes thru the slide diver. I have a swivel tied in line about 6' from the lure so that the slide diver will not slide all the way to the lure. The small oval ring will pass easily thru the guides and level wind. Eric
  14. Gray, Give me a shout after the weekend and maybe we can hook up. Yankee, Look forward to meeting you guys this weekend
  15. Borax, Here are a few to check out: http://www.atommiktrollingflies.com/ http://www.fishusa.com/tackleshop/default.asp?i=118F926926254CE585700A536AD17617&fx=1 http://www.captgarys.com/catalog/index.php http://www.bobsoutdoors.com/ http://www.biglakeoutfitters.com/ http://www.lakemichiganangler.com/store/store.htm
  16. Jim, I run 4 riggers often and haven't experienced much of any problems. The outdowns have 6' booms, 2' booms on the corner rigs. I run all 12 lb tru tracs and put them on wherever. I use Scotty pinch pad releases snapped to the tail fin of the weights. On my probe rigger I use a Scotty stacker above the probe and have noticed that the ball will sway around since there is no pull on the tail fin to help stabilize it.
  17. A little sporty out there this weekend. Waves weren't too bad but the wind made boat control a little tough. Had a newbie aboard this weekend and he had a great time. Mostly kings with some steels also. We concentrated our efforts in 95'-130' FOW from port to the park. Most of our fish came on spoons off the rigs. My divers with Spin Docs and flys only took a few this weekend. Took kings and steels with riggers from 55' thru 80' FOC throughout the weekend. On Sat coasting with the waves to the east seemed to work best. On Sun bucking the wind to the west was better. A R&R blk/grape/glow was our best spoon. Here's some pics:
  18. It was great to get back to the big lake after over a month layoff from it. The fishing was great and the catching was decent too. The 2 days we worked from the pump house to the ladders, 80'-150'. It was rough this morning and we landed less than 50%. Worked a NE/SW line today with the NE troll the best direction. Best spoons were R&R Diehard and Watermelon grape dots. Mtn Dew Sp Doc / green icicle fly, Green Sp Doc / Green Hypnotist , and a Yellow LJ dodger / mirage fly were good on the wire divers out 150-170, 2.5 settings.
  19. Empty, On my Starcraft I used Eagle Feet which will clamp to each side of the boat and then ran a mounting board across. Did this because I did not want my trolling gear permanently mounted so I could easily strip the boat down for other uses. Bought mine at Forest Fisheries in Homer, NY. Think they were around $30-$35 at the time. Would allow you to get your equipment on it and fish with it for awhile before drilling lots of holes. Here is the only pic of mine that I have.
  20. That looks awesome, I'd be up for that!!
  21. Neat to see some fellow members that fish Big Gull Lake. Heading up there this Sat for a week. Have fished up there for over 25 years, most years 3 trips per summer but have toned it down to once in June each year since LO salmon trolling has gotten in the way. Used to stay at Holiday Haven at the NE end. Also fished Crotch Lake pretty heavy for 5-6 yrs. Have been staying at Kirk Kove for the last 9 years. We have only ever taken a few walleyes up to 8 lbs from there but numbers have always been good and can be phenomenal. Here's a link to Kirk Kove's site: http://www.holidayjunction.com/property/canada/ontario/kirk_kove. If you check out their photo section there is a pic of me and the kids with a stringer of eyes. Jim and Claire bought Kirk Kove a few years ago and are real nice people to deal with.
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