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  1. Duane, That would be nasty with the price of gas these days.
  2. Wasn't sure where to post this but since I consider it part of my fishing equipment I put it here. I've been searching a long while for a big tent to use on my trip to the Bar each spring. After alot of research and debate I went with the Cabelas 12'x20' Alaknak Outfitter's tent. I also bought the floor liner and add on vestibule. For as big as this thing is, setup was a cinch and me and Ethan had no problem doing it. The tent has more than enough room for 4 cots, card table with 4 chairs, and extra tables for cooking, etc. while still leaving plenty of room to move around. The vestibule should be a great place for exta gear, coolers, etc.. I hope I have room left on the sight to park the boat :shock: Here's some pics of it.

    Boat Wax

    Bill, That other tent was a smidgen compared to this. I set it up in my pole building so I could leave it up for awhile. The building is 40'x64'. I had to parallel park my truck across the front door to fit it back in :shock: . Hey Split, I've been calling it the "Maniac Hotel" . I'll try to put up a couple pics tonight

    Boat Wax

    She looks great Bill!! I practiced setting up the new tent this weekend for the bar trip. You gotta see this setup, its a monster.
  5. I run a lowrance handheld unit with a built in antenna as my secondary unit. It is mounted under a hardtop. I will lose my position with it when there is heavy cloud cover and rain.
  6. I read it too. 436' down with a 24 lb cannonball was his feat last year and this year he plans on going alot deeper :shock: . Jax, it is the latest issue-April/May.
  7. Try resizing them also before you post them.
  8. Get em wet Chris!! I hit Murphy's for my first time back in Jan and caught a nice batch of eaters. That was my last trip out for eyes and the little one is parked until Oct. Good fishin and keep in touch, Eric
  9. LC, I don't think it would matter as long as whatever you use would sit flat against the top of the Eagle Feet.
  10. Hi Greg, That goes for me too. I'll be keeping the boat at 4-C's again. Probably be up there the beginning of July. Here are some Spin Docs I run often up there: Black- Dbl glow Black- green, glow White- Dbl glow Super Crazy Livewire Mtn. Dew the white blade and the chart blade Lt Green- lt. green, glow See you this summer !!! Eric
  11. I use the Eagle feet on my 20 ftr. Easy on/off with no holes drilled in the boat. I use a seat pedestal with an adapter plate I made to give the board additional support in the center. I used a 1" x 6" Oak board and finished it with Minwax Marine Spar urethane. Here's some pics:
  12. Yeah Rod, We will be at 4-mile, site 76 May 10-18. Its close to the entrance. If you see the big a$$ green tent, thats us.
  13. Well, an occasional sandwhich, mostly chewin tobacco . It would be tough for me or my crew to give up there fishing time.
  14. Sure Rod, You just had to schedule it a week after I leave !!
  15. Thanks Zeke, Did you receive that Garmin unit yet?
  16. I want to rig up a 5 color core setup this year. I have an extra SG47LC laying around, a rod, and the core. Just need to get the PP backing. How will 5 colors and 30 lb PP fit on a 47 ?
  17. I have no problems with false releases using the Scottys either. When I previously used Offshore pinch pad releases I would have some problems with false releases. I run Fleaflicker in the summer and there are no issues using Scottys and FF together. Scottys are super simple to use. Maniac Jr can set my rigger rods. With all the newbies that fish with me they can easily understand what to do and there is not much they can screw up. In the rough stuff when you are rockin and rollin, they are still still real easy to use, no awkwardness at all !! I wouldn't switch to anything else.
  18. Nice fish Doug, man I want to get up there but it just hasn't worked out yet.
  19. My favorite place to eat is in the boat while I'm out trolling.
  20. Ah man, you just HAD to do that!!
  21. Hey Rick, You're not getting cold feet are you??
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