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  1. Rod, great job getting the boys into the kings. Ethan keeps asking when he gets to go on the bar trip but Mom is hesitant now. Maybe when he is 13 or 14.
  2. Way to go Bill, You gotta love it when you move the move out and it pays off.
  3. Thanks for the report John. I was scheduled to head up there last night for a week but we decided to push it off until Wed.
  4. There is one near me in PA just south of Binghamton, NY at Snake Creek Marine. It is over your price at $19,000 but is a nice looking rig. 2001, 221 hardtop with a 4.3L. If you are interested you can call (570)967-2109. Ask for Alan and he can give you the details. I also spoke with a friend that works for Fed Ex and he spotted another 221 hard top for sale parked at a private residence in the Binghamton area today. I asked him to get a # and details when he goes by it again. Good Luck with the search, Eric
  5. I use the willis knot. Here are some pics courtesy of Skeinmachine from the spoonpuller's board. I use 2 overhand knots when tying powerpro to leadcore.
  6. I will 2nd the Heartland rods. I use all 9'6" rods with twilly tips. They are economical and hold up well. My 10 yr old son can handle the 9'6" rods with no problem.
  7. Ed, The probe comes off easily. Simply unplug the red bullet electrical connectors and unclip the snap from the metal plate.
  8. I have used a clincher on my coated cable since I first bought my Cannon SnT a few years ago with no problems. As Paul said, hope I didn't jinx myself!!
  9. Shade , the link that fishman posted was my first setup from a few years ago. I have since modified it. Here's a pic.
  10. Ray, glad to see the showtime is working out for you. Don't forget to run it for kings this season!!
  11. Not sure Jay, It came on the boat when I bought it.
  12. I might want to take you up on that offer next year Doug!!
  13. That would work Yankee!!
  14. Yeah Rick, Let go of that cash!!
  15. Lefty, When I rigged up my Starcraft I was also concerned about stress on the mast. I came up with a mounting method that is pretty solid. I run otter boats now,but used to run dual boards. I have had them catch air and flip in rough seas and if that happens you will wish you had good support. I don't know what the front of your boat looks like. Here are some pics of my setup. Maybe you can get some ideas from them. I had a base plate welded for me out of S/S. A piece of flat stock with a short piece of pipe welded to it. The base is screwed to the floor. Above the base, on the wall I fastened a piece of unistrut. This is a type of channel commonly used in electrical and plumbing for supporting pipes and conduits. There are special straps that attatch to the strut (commonly called strut starps or kindorf straps). It is hard to see, at the bottom of the base I installed a roundhead screw into the short pipe. I made a small "keyway" notch in the bottom of the mast. When the mast is installed the keyway will align with the head of the screw and prevent the mast from rotating. I made the plastic knobs for the straps so that I could install easily without tools. They most often come with a 1/4" bolt and nut. Here are the pics:
  16. Sounds great Gray. Keep me informed of your dates and maybe we can hunt together up there.
  17. Hi Dave, I pretty much bought it solely for the trip in May each year, but who knows, I am still trying to figure out other options in the summer.
  18. Thanks guys. I will even have a light switch in it. I'm still puttering around with some things to provide more comfort, but be simple and efficient to setup. Bill, I'm scheduled for May 10-18. No fly tying room in it, I am pretty well stocked for this season . Gray, I'd love a sign..surprise me!! BTW, When are you heading up there?
  19. Duane, I plan on shaking down at Fairhaven before the trip to the Bar in May. I'll be at the Oak starting July 3rd.
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