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  1. Sean, I make my own and have a spare, previously used. You can have it if you want it. Just pay for the shipping, Eric
  2. Jack, 20lb main line and 20 lb flouro leader.
  3. Raider, From At the Oak, Random Tips Page http://www.attheoak.com/tips.html Mup Rig...It's simple and sometimes deadly. On one or two deep rigs, usually just the bottom rigger. Use this set-up...thread a black Add-a-line release on to your mono which comes off your fishing rod before you tie on your swiveled spoon. Then hook up and position your target spoon 10' to 12' back behind the ball. Then lower the ball just below the surface of the water keeping the Add-a-line release device in your left hand with the mono sliding thru it. Stop the ball when it is 5' below the Add-a-line. Snap on your 6' leader (a swiveled larger attractor spoon) and jerk the leader to lock it into place. Then lower to desired depth (46° for kings). The current hot set-up, now and last season, is a lazer ladder backed Mini Streak target spoon trailing a Pirate 55 lazer spook just above and ahead of it. This set-up is wide open for spoon experimation, as long as the trailing target spoon is ALWAYS below, 5' or 6' behind and smaller Many guys use a rubber band to "pin" the higher attractor spoon. I made a setup that uses an offshore planer release to pin mine. Hope this helps, Eric
  4. Erin, they should work if you have a rub rail near the top edge of the gunnel. No problem with the nettin.
  5. Sweet rig Dave !!! I have a 20 ft Starcraft, same basic style as yours. I used Eagle Feet to mount a downrigger board across the back. This served a couple functions. It allowed me to not drill holes for mounting riggers rod holders etc.. The board can be removed in minutes to set up the boat for non trolling fishing. The board provides more area to mount rod holders. I see you have center seat base on the raised rear deck, same as mine. I used a pedestal to give additional support to the board. Just to throw some ideas out to you. Merry Xmas and I hope the best for your safe return to start fishing in May. Here's some pics of my 20'
  6. Jack, I run 20 lb Big Game and then 20 lb FF when the fleas get bad. On my spoon rods I use a bead chain swivel, 6' of 20 lb flouro and a duolock snap to hook to the spoon. I have run wire divers 30'-40' from the boat and take fish on them. Hope this helps. Eric
  7. What's with the out of state reference? I'm from PA and almost exclusively fish in NY. So for that, am I to be classified in a certain manner? Grow up pal!! Next you'll probably criticize the lake fisherman for using the various equipment that we do. You probably use a rowboat right ? Who are you to judge who is respectable or not ???
  8. Nice Stan!! How bout some details.
  9. I'm no pro, but I've been running 4 divers for good while now. Hi slide divers with low dipseys and all dipseys. As was mentioned earlier, deploy them slowly. On the initial setup I like to set the hi diver first, then the low diver second because in this order I can deploy the rods the fastest. Slide divers are more of a pain to run in a 4 diver spread than reg. divers. The reason I want a change in rod angle is so that on a hit the forward most diver doesn't crash into the other one. I know that rod seperation between the 2 divers will help prevent tangles but I can't see a need for different rod lengths. All my diver rods are 9'6" and they have worked great. I have toyed with the idea of running the high diver off my ouriggers as Rob had said but just haven't gone there yet. Now that would give seperation. Just my 2 cents
  10. Jimski2, I used the rod connector you are talking about. Merc 150 EFI to merc 9.9. I always kept it connected. Each motor could be tilted independantly of the other. Dave, I have a separate remote control for the kicker. Start, shifting, trim /tilt, and throttle control is all done at the helm.
  11. You got them Gray, and you might even get free delivery if you aren't in a big hurry.
  12. Dave, Welcome aboard. Your service is greatly appreciated. You will be able to do alot of fishing from that 20 ftr, even on the Big Pond.
  13. These are brand new and have never been installed. My reason for selling is because I decided to go with longer tracks. These sell for $45-$50 each. $70 takes both. Buyer pays shipping.
  14. Chris, That is exactly the case in my area also (Susq. Co.) and I like the way it is now alot better. 2 yrs ago I saw 15 bucks opening day!! A far cry from years ago.
  15. Well that job is done for another year . We made 70 lbs of kielbasa, 30 lbs of breakfast sausage, and almost 300 meatballs today. Venison/pork in the kielbasa and sausage. Venison/beef in the meatballs.
  16. I have the Ciscos but haven't put them to the test yet. I was very impressed with them when I saw the ones on Yankee's boat. Check them out here: http://www.ciscofishingsystemsltd.com/index.html The tubes are available in silver, gold, blue, green, or black.
  17. Nice buck Reese. I can remember when bucks of this class were very hard to come by. I know the antler restriction has def made a difference in my area. I had a similar thing happen last season. The side I saw looked nice with good tine length so I let it fly. When I got to the downed buck I found out he didn't have anything on the other side. Oh well, the kielbasa still tasted the same
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