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  1. Erin, I look forward to have you and Johnny come fishing with me. We had some fantastic fishing this past weekend. I will be in touch soon.
  2. Beauty Scott!! We ended up coming home early. My carb has been rebuilt. It was loaded with grayish gooey crap.
  3. I love mine!!! They are mounted in Traxstech track.
  4. Hope you have great day Jeremy !!
  5. Hey Mailman, hope you are having a great day!!!
  6. Happy Birthday Glenn, hope you have a great day!!
  7. We had a decent pick on 17"-24" landlocks during the first 2 hours. After that it really slowed down for us and the ones we did take were shakers. Our riggers were almost no help for us. Most of the bites came on rapalas fished off the boards and we also took some fish on wire divers pulling spin doc / flys. We ran them out 165' and 180' on 1 1/2 settings. It was a nice morning on the water. The wind started to blow harder around noon and we pulled lines at 12:30.
  8. I am planning on being there tomorrow. Anyone else?
  9. Come on Mailman, tell the truth. After I put that shiny skeg on, all you had to do was follow my trail and scoop up all the floaters that had knocked themselves out when they ran into my transom!!
  10. Last summer dad tore the skeg off the lower unit and damaged the prop when he forgot to raise it up one evening. He was in a hurry to weigh in a Salmon for the LOC summer derby. Two years ago dad was on his annual trip to the Niagra Bar. He took basically everything except our house, but they forgot the poles to the tent. Home was 5 hours away. Thanks for the comments Ethan (Maniac JR)
  11. Hi Gray, We did great this fall. Catches were consistent and the freezer was well stocked. Fished until deer season came in and then it turned cold. Ethan caught one 9 1/2 lbs in early Nov.
  12. We picked up Ethan's king from 2009 yesterday. My buddy Tim Correll from Rome, NY did the work.
  13. I have also used wire from McMaster Carr in the past but as Sliderbite said, it is not as cheap as it used to be. The cheapest way I have found is to buy wire in a 10,000' bulk spool. I fish a lot, and run 4 wire divers 99% of the time, so spending the money on the bulk spool made the most sense to me. http://www.howiestackle.com/index.php?categoryID=8.
  14. Mostly NK. $20 plus shipping.
  15. RR, We had an awesome time. Thanks for jumping on with us with little notice. Just wish I had more of a plan to go, and got up there earlier than noon.
  16. Welcome Dale. Look forward to seeing you and Chris this summer!!
  17. Happy birthday Cody. Good luck tomorrow!!
  18. Happy Birthday Bob!! Thanks for your involvement with the site and thanks for that chowder recipe!!!
  19. I am shocked . I have nothing but the highest praise to give to him. Super generous, a class act, so willing to give, to share, to help. Thank you Duane, for all the generosity you showed me. You will be greatly missed!! Duane racing in ahead of a storm Duane putting the pressure on a staging king
  20. I love my Penn Fathom Master 835's!! As Miss em said they are pretty fast. Alot faster than the Cannon Mag10A's on my other boat but slower than the newer Cannon's HS units. I am not real fond of the swivelmatic bases as far as their ruggedness. I had one blow apart a few years ago and rigger and rod went into the drink. Luckily all was retreived. If I had to rig another boat I would put Penn electrics on it again....if they were available.
  21. Hope you have a great day. Happy birthday buddy!!
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