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  1. Headed out of Sandy yesterday morning in search of some silver fish. After reading the post by Jeremy Goodison we set up in 150 fow trolling north. We started with 2 riggers and 4 divers. Fishing between 50-65 ft down. We immediatly started marking heavy bait and fish. In 175 fow the rods started moving. We dropped our first 5 fish!!! 2 of them were good size steelies and one teen king. The steel head were putting on great aerial shows(That's because I left the Go Pro at home!!) The divers were active early. NK moon cricket and 42nd flasher/ITO fly were busy. As the morning progressed our riggers got hot. Dreamweaver Jaeger Bomb and Jaw Breaker took most of our fish. We worked 175-200 and ended the morning 8 for 18. Not a real good catch ratio, but for late September I'll take it. A good mix of steel and small kings. A beautiful early fall day on the water. What a way to end the season on the lake! Lou
  2. i use Movie Maker on Windows 7 Seems to do ok. A little hard at first but it can do a lot.
  3. Recently I had some fiberglass work/repair done to my boat.. The guys at Pro Finish in Ontario did an amazing job. Their attention to detail and quality is amazing. If looking for work to be done on your boat, do not hesitate to call them. Ask for Ken. You will be glad you did. Lou
  4. I had to get on the Sandy Creek video band wagon See what you started Lucas!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3H83h_zBfHE
  5. Matt try in front of Braddocks. Just west of the mouth is the old Hojack. There are large boulders. There can be good largemouth action. A friend took me and my boys out there Friday night and caught some nice size fish. Just work your bait( rubber worms worked the best) on the bottom near these pilings. Lou
  6. A friend of mine is selling (2) Daiwa Heartland 8'6" trolling rods with Daiwa Sealine 47H reels. Both are in good condition. He is asking 50.00 for each combo. Please contact Chuck at [email protected]. You may also PM me. Thanks Lou
  7. Nick I was out last night for a little bit. temps were up and so were the storm clouds We had a crazy night fishing 100 fow. The fish really liked the rain. Got a nice pic of rainbow in the background while fighting a fish.
  8. Brian. That fish was a pig. "You're gonna need a bigger cooler" At first light we had 2 big kings in the boat but at 8:00 it shut off for us. That's when we moved out and found good fish in 580. Thank goodness for 500 copper. Our last fish was just enough to push up the board to 2nd. (I ran out of sinkers other wise we might have finally beat Jay )
  9. Nice report Matt. Don't feel bad about dropping fish. I was out of my mind last week when it was happening to me.. I was out last night and early in the eve we worked 200 ft and had a few good steelies and a 25 lb king. We then went into 80-100 and it was nuts until we pulled em. A lot of fish and bait on the inside.
  10. Updated 2013 Sandy Shootout Standings: 46th-Get The Net 47th - Locked Up 48th- Yankee Troller
  11. Thanks to great up to the minute reports yesterday from NickR, we set up in 150 heading north. 4 divers, 2 riggers, and a 300 copper. At approx 200 ft the 210 high diver fires. A nice 8 lb steelhead hit a Stinger 42nd spoon. Continuing north we set the diver out to 210 again and within a few minutes a mad rip! The fish took us out to 675 almost instantly. After a few good head shakes,it was gone! . It left us with a broken hook! We replaced the broken hook with a Gamakatsu and set it back out. As we were letting the diver out again, another huge rip. This one took us out over 600 as well and then..... GONE! This time the hook was in tact and full of salmon flesh! For the rest of the eve we worked 300-360. We finally managed a 24 lb king 65 ft down over 320 with a green glow NK mag. We had 15 fish on with only 5 landing on the deck.( 4 kings, 1 steel). I don't know whether to be happy or sad. 30% hook up to net ratio is terrible, but at least we were on fish and we were very busy. 11 wire and 4 rigger bites. White green dot spinny, chrome green dot spinny, Stinger Gator, and 4nd spoons were our top producers. Our divers were set 180, 210, 280, 320 Riggers were between 45-85ft. 10-15 ft leads.
  12. (6) Eagle Claw SF400A 8'6" downrigger rods. (1) is new, (4) have only been used since April, and(1) is 3 years old. They are all in very good condition. 20.00 each.
  13. Rick I was not trying to take a shot. I was trying to make fun of myself and the other small boat guys. Sorry, if I mis spoke. Lou
  14. Ricky don't take offense. Just busting the chops about how my boat can fit in yours!
  15. You big boys out of the Oak should stay there! Leave us little guys in our canoes to fish!!! I guess if you moor out in the lake and tie a long enough line to the marina in Sandy, you are technically docked!
  16. When I asked my clients this morning if they registered for the derby, I was told "we think the odds are against us"( hold that thought)...... We left the dock at 5:30 to work on the browns for a little while. Compared to yesterday, the water was much better. We set up just west of the creek working to the pump house. Good color and temperatures. DW green dolphin UV and Stinger killer dolphin were the top producers. Around 8:30 they wanted to go out a little deeper and fish for silvers. We pulled and ran to 150 and set up trolling north. 2 riggers, 2 divers,and 3 surface rods. Within a few minutes we pulled a decent coho of the 50 ft rigger cheated 12 ft.(DW mixed veggies UV) Continuing north we got another coho on the 70 ft rigger(Stinger blue dolphin mag). We hit 300 and turned back south.picking up a couple of lakers along the way. As we were getting close to pulling rods, the deep diver (320ft on a 1 1/2) fires. A few good heavy head shakes and we knew it was a decent laker. It pulled hard and steady and took us out to 600 ft. After a long battle the slob laker surfaced and was headed toward the net. We could see it was a good fish and we were silent in hopes in would end up in the net. When the laker hit 26lbs on the scale the finger pointing started. All of them blaming eachother for not wanting to register!! The fish ended up on ice and on the way to the taxidermist. Even though they would be in 1st place in the LT division, it was a great morning in the water. I know you guys will read this, so great job today and next time REGISTER FOR THE DERBY!!!! Lou
  17. Like Gambler I run 50/50 spoons and flies. I typically will run the spinnys/flies on the deep divers while the spoons are on the higher divers. Try spooling up your dipsy with wire.( Malin 30lb 7 strand is a favorite of mine). It is a little heavier than power pro and will help your sink rate. Kuba is right, make sure you have a good rod holder for the diver rods. Anything metal is a plus Look into either Berts Custom Tackle or Traxstech. Both very good products.
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