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  1. Couple of large lily pad filled bays on the south end of the lake that are great for early morning or evening topwater for largemouth with weedless frogs, swimbaits , etc. One of the bays I believe is named Otter Bay on the map. Any of the wood you find along the shoreline usually holds bass as well. Flip it with a weedless worm or senko. Good Luck !
  2. Another would of , could of, should of.... Didn't bother with a derby ticket for the last day... No winner but would have been on the middle of the steehead board.... RELEASED.
  3. What was wrong with 2 rods? If you can't catch them with 2 rods then 3 isn't going to help ya.......buy some golf clubs......
  4. Then Canadice isn't an option......same rules as Hemmy unless they have changed since the state bought it ?
  5. Gamble just isn't happy unless he has one of those slime balls in his hands.... Nice report.
  6. Nice work Greg ! Lets get your skiff out there !
  7. Perch Predator, your pics inspired me to head down one last time to fish some Finger tribs. I haven't been out since opening weekend. Hit one stream between rain showers and landed 2 dime bright fish today just in time as the stream was rising quickly...
  8. Yes, those real image Cabela's spoons work...LOL. For plastics i play around with flukes, tubes, and my personal favorite has been the 3" Mister twister Sassy shad.....should see that paddletail flip on the drop down.... Whites and natural baitfish colors have been best.
  9. Sure do. A much more enjoyable way to catch them than on trolling gear IMO....
  10. Almost a thousand views of this post. I think you will have some company by next weekend. ..just saying.... Beautiful fish and scenery! Fished that area while in college down there. Glad to see Cayuga's rainbow population rebounding.
  11. I think they often wait until the stream temps. are right. With the cold snap we have had, I wouldn't be surprised if they hold off a bit...
  12. Incredible detail. Yet another beautiful work of art.
  13. Anyone know the dates and times of the trout sampling this year on Naples, Coldbrook, and Catherine? Methinks it might be next week ?
  14. You are a master of your craft. Great detail. Can't stop looking at it.
  15. Fish Junkie


    Nice job. Certainly was a nice day. Was thinking about icefishing everytime I looked outside yesterday.
  16. Thanks for the info and reply Tyt Lynz. Feel free to keep us updated on the seasonal fish movements etc. Always nice to see fishing posts from other parts of the country/world. You are right, mostly what you hear about is the offshore fishing, but I am excited to hear that there sounds like a good inshore fishery that like you say is lesser known....
  17. My wife decided that that is what she wants for her 40th B-day this year....trip to an island we haven't been to. We will be renting a house for a week down there in mid-August. Lets keep this topic going guys and share what info we might come across. Gambler's father told me about some salt ponds on the island that were chuck full of 10-20 lb. immature tarpon that were willing to bite for some light gear action. I will try and get specifics from him. Other than that, I don't travel without my standard salt gear of 8-20 lb. inshore travel rods/spin reels and some standard baits for cuda's, jacks, and some of the other 'usual suspects'. We will be with some family and friends so talk of an offshore charter has been discussed. Will post and additional info I might find...
  18. Can anyone share any insight into the fishing scene in St. Maarten? Any experiences, reccomendations for charters? Areas to wade or shorefish? Figured I would ask here first before going onto saltwater forums.....
  19. Agreed ! Lets all meet up at Long Pond encircle ourselves with Bloodshot-made tip-downs, throw some veni-sausage on the barbie, then hold hands and sing Kumbaya all while waiting for the sheepsheads to bite....
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