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  1. Should be all good. Spray the steel with good paint.
  2. That is true rick, i am kind of curious who would accommodate this.
  3. LOL i heard they were plowing them.
  4. Two boats is your best bet, split it up more rod time per person.
  5. Thats a beautiful deal. What isn't is that we will be missing a year class for the next 3 plus.
  6. Coho Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. I have been doing all of that fellas, not my first rodeo. Today was better than it has been, let's see what mama nature brings tomorrow. Will they show up in july , august, probably but let's see what kind of numbers we are dealing with.
  8. They are and several others as well.
  9. Fishing should not be this disappointing or difficult. People are getting very good catching fish, kings in particular. Bottom line is we need more fish.
  10. Not for nothing GillT that is a terrible picture with interference from something. I do hear you with the fish movement. It is more significant on your end the lake for sure.
  11. Once again it will take all of us to control these birds and get our fish stockings where they need to be. Whoever takes to make this happen we will find out in the near future as to who to contact. The more chatter and cackling about these issues the more we will be heard and hopefully something will happen. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. It’s all good. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Coons and hoses LMAO Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Hey chuck, the thermo bar is non existent for the most part. The best you can do is look for colder water up high on your down temp, mother nature is boning us again, flat water high sun. I have not seen the cormys around recently like usual but we need to take care of that issue for sure. We are raising fish for bird feed. Not sure where they are feeding now. Thork9, just because you saw them in the hatchery doesn't mean they were put where they should be. AlureA there is a major abundance of 1 yr alewives for sure, and you are right the lakers are taking a major hit based on the other species not available to catch. It will take all of us to speak up with these issues.
  15. Reading these reports and talking to many people thru out the lake we all agree as to what has to happen .Bottom line gentleman and ladies we need to get our beloved state to put more fish in Lake Ontario. It will take EVERYONE to bring things back as it is needs to be.
  16. Shreckstoff bust a move offshore, top 50', bright stuff, match the size wise. I have been keeping my 25' rig at 42.5 degrees. We need more fish in this lake for sure. Less fish i have ever seen of all species in all my years.
  17. That size bait is dead in fish bellies and on the surface. Very few big alewives in the fish. Seen smelt , perch, and those 1 yr old class of alewives. No doubt a banner year for the future. Fish numbers are way down in all species here in rochester. This is the worst i have seen in 40 yrs. Bring the numbers back.
  18. I just joined boat us for the first time ever, 60$ unlimited towing, gas, jump start. I have a 16 ft as well, that is cheap insurance.
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