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  1. if you want to run a penn squal why not the 50?
  2. fished sat and sunday west of the nose the big guys are here meat is the way to go.good fishing both days.
  3. Hi everyone. Thanks for all the offers. Matt offered to help me on Friday so we'll shoot for that. Good Fishing everyone!
  4. 21 ft Key Largo with 150 mercury. 3500 lbs
  5. We met Tom the first year he had his marina and have been keeping our boat there ever since. he is a great family man and absolutely the best mechanic I've ever met on the lake in the 55 years I've been on the lake. He's helped us in many ways. He's put us ahead of himself in many ways and it's time for us to help him.
  6. If anyone from East Fork Pro Marine could help me launch my boat please let me know. I don't have my truck anymore. My boat is at East Fork ready to go in the water. If you can help me out please let me know and I will meet you there. I live in Penn Yan so just let me know a day and time and I'll be there. I appreciate it very much. Bear
  7. Had surgery for skin cancer 12 yrs ago. They thought they got it all at the time. Just had more extensive surgery last week and came close to losing my eye. Just want to remind all you guys to wear sun screen out there. Remember if you already had skin cancer all the sun screen in the world won't help. Remember to get checked by a dermatologist at least once a year. You can't always see it yourself that's why annual checks are important. Good luck on the water!
  8. scott great dogs had two that i would hunt with back in the day.
  9. They usually ship on Mondays and Tuesdays. If you ordered Wednesday I don't think it'll ship till Monday or Tuesday.
  10. Thanks Rob, Brian and especially Scott who always offers to help me whenever I need it. To Matt for Big Fish Friday and especially to the guys at Tommy's Marina, best Marina around. You all offer me help if you think I need it. To take time out for me is nice of you all. Been fishing Lake Ontario for 55 years and have fished every derby you can think of and none compare to the Sandy Creek Shoot Out. People that don't fish don't know what they're missing. Bear
  11. great day to for you and kids toms right boats smell gross. nice going matt.
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