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  1. if worried about the Lake Trout population and you want to drop it from one of the derbies, you're much better off dropping them in the spring or raising the weight to 15 lbs on all 3 derbies. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to raise the wt for browns and rainbows to 12 lbs. Hope I didn't make anyone mad. It's just the way I feel.
  2. I have an 18 1/2 ft Scout and a 115 Yamaha 4 stroke and I run 2 Amish Outfitters Buggy Bags and have no problem trolling at any speed and I put 250 - 300 hours a year on my engine. As long as you keep it maintained it won't hurt the engine and it uses very little gas. I have an auto pilot and the bags do not interfere with the auto pilot. It still works great.
  3. i agree with Brian and Keith. Maybe we shouldn't fish the fall derby if that's what he's going to do.
  4. sorry for your loss had to put two labs down 12 and 13 they where my best friends
  5. I agree with Gambler and Capt Carl. I would also like to add that the warm weather made your big Kings get off their feed earlier. That's why so many of the bigger ones were being caught in closer. When they get off their feed they loose wt fast. Also, everybody is fishing the same areas which is only a very small area of the lake. Your bigger salmon caught earlier in the year, your big spring salmon, your big June & July summer salmon those are your high 30's or 40's in the fall. We have more salmon in the lake than we ever have and the bait is healthy. That's why you're seeing large lake trout, large brown trout, large steelhead. You're seeing less steelhead because you have to travel more for them during the year and because of gas prices people don't want to do that. Everybody was targeting salmon this fall because they wanted a 40 pounder. I have fished the lake since they were introduced to the lake. I fished the very first ESLO. We got better fishing now than we ever have. People should be very happy with the way the lake is producing. We have a world class fishery. There's nothing wrong with this lake if 40 pounders are getting popped. A 30 pounder will give you as much fight and it's a trophy out of the great lakes. We should be happy with what we have and try to make sure it stays this way and be more worried about invasive species and water levels. What's going to be done.
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