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  1. Reluctantly I have to get rid of my flea ficker 20 lb line on my downrigger rods (getting too old). Since its no longer made the only thing similar is blood run 30 lb but I think 30 is too heavy. I dont feel like changing it in mid summer either so Id like to know what others are using on their downrigger rods as a good general all around Trout/salmon line. Thanks BP I guess I could use the 30 with a flouro leader but hate having the extra connection knot.
  2. Was wondering what other 18 foot aluminum boat owners use for tire inflation settings? The tire and trailer both say 50 psi max but I hate to put anything at max. Its a ez loader trailer. Ive been using 35psi but now Im wondering if its too low since even the trailer says 50.???
  3. No Im in a boat using it. Light line never scared me, been doing it since the 70s. Never had any issues as long as you are not horsing the fish and have a light rod. I had Seneca in mind for this all the while. I know most use 4 but when I go to 4 it feels like anchor rope compared to 2. Do whatever works for you.
  4. I use 2 lb nano and a flouro leader on Seneca to cast a country mile.
  5. Never had any issues and i use a flouro leader Sent from my GT-P5113 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. It explodes off the spool like no other. Distance line but expensive. Sent from my GT-P5113 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Isnt it catch and release only during the early season? Hope so Sent from my GT-P5113 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. BP Swing

    I Bay perch?

    Havent heard much about I Bay perch. Anybody getting any? Thanks BP
  9. Even though the battery has a 5 yr min life, the website says it has a 7-10 yr useful life, then I guess you buy another.
  10. Can anyone recommend this little device? (Fish Hawk TD) I like the idea of it and it seems to have good online reviews but I see the minimum battery life is 5 yrs. and its a sealed battery. Im not crazy about throwing this away in 5 yrs.($149) It hasnt even been out 5 yrs either to tell. Anyone here using it? Thanks
  11. I bet he does it again when no one is around. Can't teach an old dog new tricks. An ass will be an ass and I bet he is not alone in this thinking. Some Walleye guys are known to do this. Old school thinking.
  12. I dont think it comes in 87 for no ethanol. Marina gas is usually old anyways, avoid it if you can.
  13. What is lighter on the hammerheads? Less blades though i think . The luhr jensens have about 6 - 7 blades if i remember right vs 3-4 for the hammerheads. Sent from my GT-P5113 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Theres a smartphone app called pure gas showing nearby stations with the ethonol free. Any outboard mechanic will tell you ethanol is bad news. Avoid like plague. Sent from my GT-P5113 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. It has been discontinued for several years now. Perchmasters that is. Still the duckhunters derby though. Sent from my GT-P5113 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. A fish like that is at least 20 yrs old so dont worry there will be another like it in 20 years . Too big to eat , could of got a reproduction. Sacandaga has a history of giant pike so hopefully it will bounce back . Nice catch though. Sent from my GT-P5113 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  17. All tournaments should be catch and release. Period. Yes ice fisherman do not seem to be as conservation minded as open water anglers. I noticed that too.
  18. This makes my blood boil. I am taking sides with old man and Larry on this one. Last year at the Conesus Pike kill tournament on the ice, there were 2 tiger muskies killed so that they could slap em on a nail board and make some guy look like a hero. A Pike kill tournament is so outdated now. What about catch and release? Why arent you moving with the times? To kill a huge Pike that may be 15 years old and a prime spawning prospect just for cash really SUCKS!! I wouldn't enter your tournament if its catch and kill. I see ice fishermen at Braddocks all the time catching nice pike and just throwing them on the ice to die. Not even the best table fare. What a waste. Yes I know you have a right to keep one if you buy a license and all that but screw that. How bout sportsmanship and releasing the big girls so we can catch them and release them for someone else. This tournament is not for conservation minded sportsman. Bad idea.
  19. Love most of the new rules like 40" inland minimum and 54 in Lake O/St Lawrence. but absolutely think opening the season end of May is a big mistake. Shoot even now at 3rd Sat in June the fish are stressed out from spawning or not even done some years. I really am surprised that fishery biologists would recommend opening the season early. I think they got everything right but that. Is Muskies Inc in favor of this or against opening early? Is the early season for inland waters only? Great lakes stay the same?
  20. Unless that was 54" it should of been released. Correct me if Im wrong on the 54 buts its way up there on the St Lawrence for minimum keeper size. NIce fish too bad it was killed. Nice angling feat on 6 lb test though.
  21. Yellowfever, My sentiments exactly when it comes to tournament fishing for Bass. What percentage of them actually live? I remember a few years back on Erie, they released a whole load of them after the weigh in and they all or most came up dead floating out in the lake. Somehow they should find a way to weigh them in the boat and release them immediately.
  22. Marc, I can tell you one thing for sure. Its been proven for me time and time again. Watch the barometer. If it's 30.2 or higher...stay home. Activity always sucks on a high barometer. I bet you werent the only one who was fishless today. It was over 30.2 this morning.
  23. Old man Jigging for pickerel meant jigging for walleyes a canadian thing. What do canadians call chain pickerel anyway? Glad they caught this ass.
  24. Thanks for posting this. Truly disgusting. That is one big A##hole. You have the boat number, isnt there a way for the COs to track him? Somebody must know who this is. Anybody doing that is just not a true sportsman or educated. It really pisses me off, I have heard of guys doing that but to see it just sucks.To think I would drive 5 hrs to go there and this dumb ass does that...He deserves a nice fine and loss of a license.
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