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  2. The 50 collects fleas about like the 7 strand wire. I just let the fleas glob up then twist and pull and the line cuts them all off.
  3. WTG -- Until Tuesday betchya thought that drags screaming was the best sound on earth. Congrats! Carl
  4. I didn't know they came in any other color other than black! CC
  5. OK, you had me worried there, I have had kings almost spool 300 yards, there is a lot of drag on that line and I think it helps them make a big run in the beginning of the fight then does just the opposite and kicks their butt the whole way back to the boat. 2 setups that I recommend -- start with one and then try the other if no success. #1 - Moonshine Carbon 14 spoon (Best from 200' - 400' of copper) #2 - White double crush glow spin dr with a no-see-um fly (Best from 400' - 600' of copper) CC
  6. Jim, The heavy (orange) offshore planerboard release works for the 200' but for the heavier - longer setups you may wish to consider doing the following it is a bit more laborious but effective: Stop your planer board 2/3 of the way out send the 200' out with the offshore then let out the 300-500 copper, attach a Scotty stacker release to the planer board line and set your copper in it, then let your board out the last 1/3 of the way. (I guess you could clip the Scotty stacker on to a shower ring and slide it down, but I like doing it this way because the deeper coppers are usually the most hit and I can recover the Scotty release and use it again without risking releasing/tangling the 200' while pulling the release back up the board. Plus I don't want to buy many $13 releases) As long as your access to your planer reels is easy you can reset rather quickly. If the fish are hitting the 200' the most than this system is a pain in the neck and you are better off running just the 200' on one side and the heavy's on the other. CC PS. I use Scottys cause they came with my riggers and didn't cost me anything. There are many different downrigger releases that are adjustable (even roamers that slide) that will work for you.
  7. Guys -- Now is the time to purchase Lifetime licenses if you are a NY resident. Fees are going up, and in my opinion will continue to do so. If you buy the license now you will have a 6-7 year payback.
  8. WMD -- yellow echip - green crinkle anything (howie #1 choice) White echip - Moonshine blue Smoothie fly (http://www.moonshinelures.com/flies_moonshine_lures.html)
  9. Have you caught any big salmon on it yet? 50 to 100 yards of backing is not enough you will loose the whole deal on a heavy king. The rod holder should be fine. I run my copper with the knot at the water so it makes no difference where the rod is if the knot is at the water it should be the same depth every time. CC
  10. Stan, Does that dog slow you down at all? I've got a useless mutt and a pair of beagles that are bored all summer. Never thought of putting them behind the boat to slow me down. You west coast boys really ahead of the curve in innovation!! That is what is great about this here internet and sites like this one!! CC
  11. I bought 2 of them from Waypoint for both my boats, price and they had them in stock when I needed them. I would not hesitate to buy them from Atomic though. Get 'em from whoever has 'em. Good choice on the X-4 -- You will be glad you spent the extra dollar to purchase a rugged, reliable, worry free unit!! CC
  12. Jeff, Your level winds are just what you need. You should consider 50# Powerpro as well. It is eaiser to work with than wire and has just about all the dipsy use advantages plus the versitility of converting to a rigger or planerboard or slide diver rod if needed in the early season. The only advantage wire has is in reaching depths greater than 100' (280'+ out on the dipsy). If you catch most of your fish between the surface and 90' down I believe you are better off with the Powerpro. You can use powerpro or wire on any rod that is capable of handling a dipsy. I would suggest a Med/Heavy fast action 8-9' rod. Shimano TDR, Diawa Hartlands, and Eagle Claw & Okuma all make fiberglass rods that will do the job for <$50. CC
  13. None here, but I would recommend BBolger for a test guy!!
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