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  1. Killed my enthusiasm for making my fun into work!....if I was in the keys maybe then! At least it would work for more than 3 months. Still...puke..., peanut shells in the bilge pumps, drunks...naaa never mind. That's the best description of this business I could think of... cent frum my notso smartphone
  2. If you go with electronic box ignition, be sure it's a potted unit. I'm sure being an alternator guy you know what that means. I can't say anything bad about the box ignition, except for what you already mentioned about failure. You need a spare unit to be safe. My old ford has the ignition control module and when it craps out, it's in the middle of a busy intersection full of impatient rush hour traffic. Not cool! Not to mention making me look like a fool when trying to push a 1 ton truck off the road, and some some dumb bastard yells " Ya know ya gotta put gas in that thing idiot![emoji34][emoji32] So I carry a spare unit and bungee cord the Damn thing to the inner fender cause it craps out often like that. Can't beat the old stuff.. points, condenser, for being able to mcgiver the thing to work. Still even a coil can fail. Just had one do that yesterday. My 1966 cub cadet original Kohler coil just cost me 80 dollars. Damn inflation! Would have cost probably 5 bucks or less in 1966. cent frum my notso smartphone
  3. Don't worry Brian! This statement t should make you feel better. "If there's good news in this saga, it’s that it's a huge water body," D'Amato said. "I can't imagine a tangible environmental impact coming out of this." It's all good if you can't touch it. "Tangible" ...get it? Anyway, they said that they disinfected the turds and man hole covers! Hmmm...always wondered what the strong smell of chlorine was coming from the last few years...now I know. cent frum my notso smartphone
  4. "City it's"..good one. Well they need a king and queen of "City It's"...so. Funny how they think upstate needs the city and we need them to run the state. Again, the King let millions of federal dollars sit on the table that could have benefited the ocean fishery down there, but held to the whining of the elitist downstate crying about having to buy a marine fishing license. Every state in the North East has a marine fishing license except NY. So how do the downstate drama queens get their new marine facilities and park maintenance and other enhancements? With your NY Conservation fund...that's how. Millions went there from upstate license sales and other funding in upstate, that could have been funded federally from all the excise tax that you and I and all of America paid at 10% on all the fishing and bow hunting tackle sold country wide. A marine license would have qualified the state for substantial federal matched cash from these excise taxes. That federal money would have put quite a few million dollars less stress on the Conservation fund. King Cuomo let it get away on the backs of upstater's again...we need this how? At least if ever we upstater's want to go fish the marine waters it's a free license! Every body, even the non New Yorkers, ..wow! Imagine that! Of course King Cuomo would never mix federal matched money and state money in the same fund anyway. I'm sure there's no sense of management to put the money in the right place to do ALL OF NY "STATE" any good. I learned a long time ago about being self sufficient and not expect everything to come on the backs of others. When I was young my dad said I think I'm going to go look at a boat for us to fish in. "You wanna come along"? I said "SURE"! What kind of boat? He said " It's a used row boat" After a 20 minute ride in his pickup we pulled up in front of the farm that has the boat. It's out back behind the barn the owner said. We get out there, and I'm thinking, wow this boat is really ugly, not very attractive at all. None the less, my dad kept looking it over and came over to me and said, "You like this boat"? Well, not wanting to make my dad waste his time on this trip "I said sure Dad..." He said "You want to fish with me in this boat"? "I said Yeah Dad..." He said "Ok well, the price is right". Paid the man his cash and said "let's go put it on the truck." Must be I had a look of dismay on my face, and obviously my enthusiasm was a little faint. "He said what's wrong?" I said "Well it looks really rough dad. You think it will float even?" He reminded me that I agreed that we could fish in this boat. Then he went to his tool box and rummaged around in there until he handed me something. He said "This is sandpaper". Lesson learned. Rubs me the wrong way to try to ride on the backs of others to this day. [emoji38] cent frum my notso smartphone
  5. My measurement gives me some walking excerize. A big field and a laser distance finder. Stick a post in the ground at 100 feet, walk to it, go around, and return, walk to it, go around, and return, walk to it, go around, and return. Now how many feet do I reel up? Crude, but the most accurate you can get. Don't rely on the counter on your reel, it won't even be close. cent frum my notso smartphone
  6. Frigging ground hawg...he ain't my rodent! Only thing about this I can say is the thruway closed to trucks means the mail I'm carrying might have bills in it you won't see for a couple days in Rochester and Syracuse. However...I think there might be some Sports Illustrated swimsuit editions in there...sorry! cent frum my notso smartphone
  7. I would hope that the GLFC would still be able to handle lamprey. Here's an example of too much overlap of too many agencies (GLRI) doing the same thing under the EPA. Good thing we can still do funding on a voluntary donation basis to the GLFC...unlike the overlapping EPA. Let's hope that the gutting is done with a scalpel and not a 12 inch Cimeter. cent frum my notso smartphone
  8. Yeah, that was a problem for me with a 24 ft. cent frum my notso smartphone
  9. Thanks Kingslammin! Good to know as I'm usually a Point Breeze guy. I like Olcott launch for western excursions. Everything is there for convenience. Bait, fish cleaning station, boat cleaning station, ice, pinic tables, tackle, nice parking. Very clean and relaxing. Heated bathrooms and showers too! Its a great launch to clean out the big motor for 20 miles to the bar on a calmer day. cent frum my notso smartphone
  10. It's just a harder ramp to launch, and the parking space can be a premium, currents in the river can be a challenge. It's not bad but there are better launches. I've used it a couple times. Just prefer the park or Olcott for convenience. cent frum my notso smartphone
  11. I run mainly spoons, and fish the marks on the graph, bait and fish. You can try flasher fly presentaions as well, but if the fish aren't jumping on them i stick with the less than mag spoon size. Depending on water temps, you will find fish in different depths, sometimes along the drop off, sometimes they orient on the shelf near the red can. The red can is the outer marker for the bar and is situated near the drop off. You often find a concentration of boats moving east to west and back there going along the drop. Just fit in and move with them, it's really popular there at times, so good to have a few pairs of eyes watching for traffic. Launches are many but the closest is Fort Niagara, not the best. Next would be Wilson Harbor and the public launch at Tuscarora State park. It's about 10 miles west to the Red Can., but you can set up about 7 miles off four mile creek and troll west to the can. You will find fish along the way, mix of coho and kings and lots of lakers. Current is a player in the area of the can and out deeper of the drop so if you can employ down speed it will be a great asset. I would use some lead core or copper as these produce better sometimes especially in mid morning and day when the many boats have the fish negative. Speeds are similar to your fishing in Michigan. May is good timing and this year should be good with the Niagara flow being warmer due to low ice cover on Erie and no threat of the ice boom releasing ice and junk into the Niagara Bar area. Still be vigilant though, as there has been some rogue trees, dock parts, etc. floating under the surface at times. Hope this helps! Others will add to this that frequently fish the bar more than I do. Mark cent frum my notso smartphone
  12. Exactly! What is intended or not intended. The government needs to get out of the way and have the private sector do the leg work with people and businesses that know how to get things done without all the hand holding from politics. There are experts in fields that are not going to take free money (taxpayer) and prosper with their knowledge of business to get things done. Most of them already have enough of their own money and see how to make more money without doing it on the taxpayers back. Ala Trump. cent frum my notso smartphone
  13. Oklahoma City, warm sun, unloading the truck and chewing a hickory stick. Now 70 lbs and there is a Great Dane mixed in...a bulldane! 4 years old! Enjoying the bed at home, resting up for the next road trip. cent frum my notso smartphone
  14. I like that answer better than mine....I gotta go git my daredevil outta the willow hack now[emoji34] cent frum my notso smartphone
  15. Better be casting across the stream or you might be fishing on land, trees, brush, etc...Casting down stream or upstream is relative to mainly casting across stream. cent frum my notso smartphone
  16. When I was 16 years old, I was at the end of the muscle car Era and fit right into the the 20 something year olds getting rid of their gas guzzling fast cars and getting family man grocery getters. I also had a plethora of those cars at my fingertips due to my dad's IH dealership. A lot of those guys were trading for the new Scout models that transition from street burners to the sporty 4×4 that had family capacity and some appeal of ruggedness. So first I had a 69 Plymouth Roadrunner in 1972, 440 magnum 4 speed, Vitamin C and black. Paid 1600.00 for it. For me it was bad news, and scary fast. Too loud, and rough riding. Lots of noise tickets and improper start (tire slipping on letting out the competition clutch) tickets No good for city work, great for girls, until the ride started. Then they wanted out mostly! Sold it 1600 dollars....today would have been 20 times that. Kid I sold it to burned the hood from carb backfire due to the huge overlap of the race cam. Then cracked it up on a barrier later. 1600 and added a few hundred more and fell into a 70 Chevelle SS convertible with 396 4 speed. All stock white and black stripes. Muncie shifter was trouble. Locked all the time in 2nd gear. Had to carry crow bar for it and get filthy. Decided I liked the new Scout 2 and it had its own source of get up and go with the big 345 V8. Ordered a new one when I was a senior in high school. Came decked out with everything and a 4 speed. Posi on both ends and had fun with 4x4 clubs in college. Decided to make it my new hot rod. International yeah right?...well it came out pretty good after a few teardowns. We went to sand drags, hill climbs, and ice races, mud drags.. had a blast! The 345 was a real sleeper. With the same firing order as a Chevy V8..18436572.. it sounded like a big block. Lots of second looks by tech inspectors at the races with a few test runs. Swore I was running experimental class in a modified class. Funny to see the odd looks as they saw the old truck engine in there. International valve covers still on it instead of the imagined chevy. The list of mods wasn't very long on parts, but the heads were worked over extensive by Dons porting service in Albany. That engine really came to life and still runs today. The body of the old 74 Scout is very rough, but I still have it and all the body parts ready for my time and ambition to come together and get it out again. Wish I had all the cars from back in that Era of the mid sixties to early 70's! Last fast car I really liked was a new 1979 Z28. Last year of the 350 lm1 and a close ratio 4 speed. The car was pretty quick even though it was low compression and hampered by smog junk. Fun to drive with the right tires on it. I ran Good Year Eagles on it and it was like it was on rails. Ah, but remenisc thoughts for now, hot rods traded places with large diesels and 18 tires now. However, there still remains 3 project vehicles in the garage. One is a Ford 1 ton 4x4 waiting for its 351 to come out and grow into a 408 windsor. Another is a 1968 Buick Riviera GS. Needs a little elbow grease, and the 430 rebuilt. That will be a nice ride! And of course the old Scout! My first brand new vehicle owned! I'm still a motor head for the old stuff. The new stuff just amazes me with output, but that's about it. I'm not much of a computer nerd for tweaking power curve programs...give me wrenches and busted knuckles! cent frum my notso smartphone
  17. I hope you have the real thing Pap! Trouble is you could have a cloned 302 which could have been the result of marriage of 283 and 327. The 283 crank would be the source of the lower CID. BUT, the 283 crank is not the same material as the real thing. cent frum my notso smartphone
  18. Don't take it all apart Pap! Just the pan. Find casting numbers. The 302 has a specific number on the crank. The 350 block is used on many CID engines. The 302 is essentially a destroked 327...same 350 block. The crank will have the absolute info embossed. As I mentioned before the DZ designated identity, but it might be a specific casting code number. Ignition parts can be interchangeable and it's matter of choice to aftermarket a dual point setup in many forms. Bosch or Mallory, etc. I have Mallory YL dual point on most of my hot rods. The double pump holley electric choke is not specifically part of that engine or era. It is low torque, high rpm, not generally a great marine combo. Definitely find the crank casting# and put it on here. If it was in a Z28 it might have the DZ in the block code I think? cent frum my notso smartphone
  19. Pap, you sure it has a 3 inch stroke? The block hasn't been decked, over 30 thousands, not a high compression dome piston, it could be 302, if it was apart and you could tell. Crank has a casting number if I am correct it has a letter designation on it maybe a DZ? 350 has a 3.48 stroke, but those other factors are an influence on an external measure of stroke. Maybe it came in the needle nose cigarette style speedster that Baja made? It's very rare engine but no way to tell externally for certain by measure. Hope it is the unicorn for ya! cent frum my notso smartphone
  20. Times 2...yes Thanks for the follow-up here guys! cent frum my notso smartphone
  21. No cookie? Well at least my shiny side is still up...not for some truckers though... cent frum my notso smartphone
  22. Trolling the highways in PA and W Va. Tomorrow night. Will check back on follow up....Scott, save me a cookie! Chocolate chip, peanut butter! OK! Thanks for posting! Mark cent frum my notso smartphone
  23. skipper19

    for sale : usa 2005 Crestliner 19.5 Sportfish

    Glad ya got some of that low blood count fixed up with |oung man high test os terone stuff....long as it didn't come from San Francisco. Good thing ya kept the boat, wife gonna get tired of you burning a path around the bedroom after her! cent frum my notso smartphone
  24. Exactly, and this is why we need the business man to know the difference. Some others need to understand nothing is free. If government supplied it, the sheeple paid for it. Too many managers of too many departments and there comes a point where the sheeple get nothing back. I hate being "fleeced"... the exposure is imanent! The swamp contains many rotten stumps. cent frum my notso smartphone
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