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  1. Brand new Lowrance hst-dfsbl dual transducer with temp for sale. $75 or best offer. Thanks Rich
  2. Well it’s about time to replace my Lowerance x19 graph. I’ve had it for a long time. Looking for any recommendations on fishing graphs with GPS. I’m not looking to spend more than about 1k. Thanks Rich
  3. Great job! Brings back so many memories. My boys live out of town now and are on there own but when they were younger we spent tons of time on that lake. . - I can't even count how many days we spent on that Lake catching fish. . They don't forget it! I was on the phone with my youngest son last night and we were talking about it. Have fun, be safe, and respect the Great O.
  4. Does anyone have any tips on a good place to rent a slip or dry dock out that way. I have a 22 foot wellcraft walkaround. I have never fished the western area and it's on my bucket list for this year. I have docked and fished out of Rochester for years.
  5. Rochester Report - 7/19 Started in 180 and worked out to 280. Things were a bit slower than yesterday. Steelhead were hitting fairly well. Boated 6 steelhead and ONLY 1 small king in 280 foot all this came off flasher / flies. Missed 3 knockoffs. Worked my way into 160 and landed 3 nice lake trout in the mid teens. Flies were pretty bad inside so decided to pick up - my wife was getting sick of them. All in all it was a good day but nothing like yesterday. We may try for browns tomorrow.
  6. Very nice fish! I would spend the 40 bucks a few beers and lunch. Nice fish again!
  7. Good luck.  I think the conditions should be allot like today but you never know.   Good luck and hope you guys do well!!!

    1. Sk8man


      Thanks for the well wishes :) Unfortunately we struckout today but it was not for lack of trying....just one of those days and we never saw anyoone out there catch anything either and there were a couple of charters workimg near us much of the time. There is always next time.... Les

  8. Rochester Report Fished today with my 80 year old friend. It was our first outing of the year. We fished from 220 to 280 foot. Temp at 70 down was 49 degrees. Hardly any flees We went 14 for 17. Took 13 kings and one steelhead. 3 kings were 20lbs plus, 8 kings were in the mid teens, 2 kings were jacks. We had one big king break us off - guess I need to pay a bit more attention to bad spots in my leader. We only fished for 3.5 hours. Most of the fish came off spin doctor / flies but a few came off white pro chip flashers - most fish came off green atomic flies but some came on atomic white and blue flies. We only had one knock off on riggers / spoons - the one that broke the line. 2 other fish came off the riggers pro chip / fly setup. . All the other fish came off divers 213 foot out on Dacron and 160 on wire rig. The hottest rigs were the wire rigs they were smoking We almost went for lake trout after but no sense in doing that after the morning we had. I will be back out tomorrow with my wife. Good luck out there and be careful. There are some good size logs floating around out there. Rich
  9. God bless and sorry to hear about the loss. I hope the fish gods take care of you guys!! Let us know how you do.
  10. Thanks for the replies. The fish came off in 65' of water 40' down, It was an amazing adrenaline rush that lasted for the rest of the day. It was a great workout instead of going to the gym.
  11. It was the last weekend of the summer and decided to go on a Solo Trip for Salmon. We had been taking some Kings here and there but things had been very slow off Roch cha cha. Caught a couple of small browns and decided to go all out for Salmon. The temp was very good inside and had been seeing some decent mark on the graph. The first rod went screaming out with Spin Doctor and fly. It was a pretty decent Salmon and had been fighting it for about 10 minutes. I would get the fish close to the boat but it kept going staying straight down on the side of the boat trying to go under the boat. Had to keep hitting the throttle and keep the fish behind the boat. Just when I thought maybe the fish was tired enough to net the other rod - planner board with lead core started screaming out - OMG. I continued to fight the first Salmon but could not net it because the leader was to long. I hand lined the fish into the net threw it in the fish well. When I grabbed the second rod I was amazed the King was still one. After about 15 minutes, I finally landed the fish. It was my first and probably the only time I will catch two Salmon on at once while running a Solo trip. Here is a picture of the two fish that were caught. I also added in a picture of a big lake trout that took second place in the summer derby.
  12. Very Nice Fish. Solo is a whole different ball game. You definitely need to get them real tired out to have a chance to net them. Nice job!!
  13. Great fish! I ran deep the other night on a solo trip and got a few kings. Kind of tough with a small boat but not a sole was out there and was very peaceful. I am sure that won't be the case on weekends. We run down that way quite often. I also have a small boat 22' for that lake but when it calm it's great to be way out there. Good luck and hope you have more success.
  14. thanks for sharing the picture and congrats again. That is why we love doing this so much you never know what can happen out there. After spending all those years on that lake you deserve a fish like that
  15. I am curious to know if anyone has ever tried cut bait from salmon they caught. I am not sure if that is even legal?
  16. I am try Sodus for a couple of days. Kings are tough of Rochester but did 2 (23lb and 16lb) last night. Had to go way the hell out 460 foot which takes forever of Rochester. East of here is much better and feels like the fish come into here later than other places. Any information about Sodus would be helpful. I see a lot of posts by Rough Rider about Sodus. Maybe he can provide some insight about that port.
  17. Decided to try an evening run solo at about 4:30pm. The lake laid down enough for me to be comfortable in my 22' boat. There were several storms hanging around which is typically a good timeframe to try but can be dangerous. I did not see one boat out fishing anywhere. Unfortunately, I did not have down speed and temp working but knew from the weekend the temp was way down and way out. I started in about 280 foot of water heading north. Not really much activity on the graph but have been seeing some big hooks here and there. Got to about 460 foot and noticed some good marks showing up. Went 2-3 -> 2 kings (23lb and 16lb). They were dark which probably indicates they were in warmer water. They came off my backup manual rigger (97 and 125 down over 460') on NK spoon (white front / pink bottom - pearl ladder back on the front side, silver back with yellow tape down the middle). I probably did 4 different lures set changes and decide to try something crazy. Not sure what to name it yet. I think I will name it pinky pearl - yeah PP Towards the end of my trip a slight wind came up and within 15 minutes later it was blowing hard. It went from nothing to OMG in minutes. I am sure glad that I pulled my rigs when the breeze just started slightly blowing. I just barely got the hell out of there and into the 150' mark where it was ok. It would have been a long trip back if I waited. Need to have the ultimate respect for the Big O!!!
  18. Congrats on a great fish. Something about that last chance or 10 minutes. We took 2nd place derby fish the same way. We said 10 more minutes or one more fish and that was the last rod that fired that day. Nice Fish!!
  19. I would go real slow - less than 1.8 and down to 1.4. We have our best luck with hammerhead flasher / peanuts but if those are not working will I would switch to flasher fly. We have had days where those work way better than peanuts. I would make sure the ball is literally dragging the bottom stirring things up. The problem with this can be zebra muscles get on your hooks and if that occurs we do not get any hits. Sometimes we will mix a flasher fly on one side and hammerhead / peanut on the other. We have seen that combo work well where they do not hit the hammerhead / peanut but will hit the flasher / fly. The last item we have seen deals with the downrigger electronic pulse. We have experimented with this or at least we think we have. We have unplugged one rigger and left the other one plugged in. Sometimes we have seen the fish hit the rigger with it turned off and other days they will only hit the one that is turned on.
  20. Great Information folks and best of luck when the derby starts!
  21. Great report!! It brings back memories of when my boys were younger and we spent quite a bit of time on the water. We still get out quite a bit but not as much as we used too. Have fun and cherish the moments.
  22. Nice job!! Hope the kings stay around. We will be out at 5am. Good Luck everyone.
  23. Nice fish!! We look at it like the derby cost is the cost of a lunch we a few beers. Sorry to hear they did not enter,
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